What Does The Bible Say About Stealing

What Does The Bible Say About Stealing

The Bible has so much to speak about stealing as it is considered a great sin in the eyes of the Lord. The Lord has given the law for his people from the beginning while he called them to give the promised land to dwell.

It is God’s plan to keep his people holy from all kinds of evil things so they may get the privilege to have the fellowship along with him. The scripture strongly demands its readers to be holy in order to see the face of the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

The word of God has immense power to save us so we should rely on it and our lives must be directed according to its instructions

Stealing In Old Testament 

The Lord called Abraham to make him the father of a great nation i.e. Israel where he made a covenant with him with a promise that his children will become a large number of people on this earth and through his seed, the entire families on this earth would be blessed. 

Later on, he gave so many instructions to the descendants of Abraham and asked them to obey.

All the commandments were given through Moses where stealing was mentioned as a sin and that must be avoided for his people (Exodus 20:15).

The children of Israel were admonished by Moses to keep holiness in them by maintaining God’s standard on this earth (Leviticus 19:11).

Stealing In the New Testament

Just like the old Testament, stealing is still viewed as a sin in this grace period. Believers must watch themselves continuously in order to stay away from such works which separate them from the presence of the Lord (Mark 10:19).

Jesus also directly denounce the act of stealing because it violates God’s standard for his people and he doesn’t want his children to be punished for their foolish act by stealing from others (Matthew 19:18)

In the New Testament, we are The chosen people and we have a hope of eternal life so we continue to preach about the words of Jesus on this sinful Earth. 

The teachers who teach the words of Jesus to the world should always evaluate themselves whether they are still indulging in stealing or not (Romans 2:21).

The Lord is always looking at us and his presence is everywhere so we need to always teach us that God hates stealing and especially one who teaches about his words must change his characters by equipping himself with the word of god.

Believers should live a transparent life where people can see Jesus through their works. here every believer must give tax to the government and they must be submitted to their authority who is appointed by the will of the Lord (Romans 13:7).

 God Hates Robbery And Stealing

God hates robbery and stealing because he doesn’t want his people to live by doing such shameful works. When he called his people he also gave them the way of living by which they will prosper in every way they move. 

The Lord always wants his people to reflect his nature through their works so it is important to remember that God doesn’t want his children to survive by doing illegal work (Isaiah 61:8).

Stealing is considered a sin since the beginning of God’s relationship with man established and it is continued till today as the word of God guides us and we are commanded to quit the works of the flesh in order to be worthy to stand before him (Luke 18:20).

Punishments Of Stealing in The Bible

In the Old Testament, there were several punishments for people who were found guilty of stealing things from others.

One would be sentenced to death if he commits the act of stealing (Exodus 21:16). 

The Lord also ordered his people to punish the man who steals from his brother’s things would be separated from the society (Deuteronomy 24:7). He would have no privilege to live a life like others and he should be sentenced to death for his sinful act.

In the case of stealing if a man is found for his evil act then he should pay double what he had stolen from his neighbor’s house (Exodus 22:7).

What Does The Bible Say About Someone Stealing From You

Being a follower of Jesus Christ we must know how to behave with the person who steals from us. Here a real believer will take some steps according to what Christ has taught us. 

We need to show him the love of Jesus by forgiving him for his sin. The forgiveness will immediately make him think about the reason for such an opposite action. Because the thief also knows that he will be punished if people catch him.

Jesus also forgave us while we were sinners and we all were his enemies. His love made us become righteous men. We must behave with the man with love and compassion which will lead him to repent for his sin. 

Jesus says to love our enemies and the man who steals our things also is created in the image of God but sinful nature makes him do such evil things. Understanding the entire scenery we are to forgive the person.

What Does The Bible Say About Stealing Food

Stealing is a sin and it does not exclude food also. Here we need to remember that God did not make us steal food from others. What we can do to avoid our hunger is we can ask God to provide.

Matthew 6:33 says if we seek God’s kingdom and righteousness then everything will be given to us. Here this verse refers to food along with shelter and clothes.

God does not feel good when his children stay without food. He is the source of everything and we need to come closer to him and he will give us our daily bread.

So we can say stealing food is also considered a sin in the eyes of the Lord.

What Does The Bible Say About Stealing Money

Believers should live a sinless life before the Lord as well as men. The love of money is the root of all evil and it will make a person greedy and ultimately separate from the fellowship of God. 

Those people will forsake their faith very soon and suffer for their evil-doing (1 Timothy 6:10).

Judah was failed in the calling of the Lord due to the love of money. Jesus says to be faithful till the death so one will be rewarded in heaven. 

Stealing money from others is a great sin and we are to be free from the works of sin as Christ has bought us by his precious blood. Now we are to sacrifice all kinds of stealing to make ourselves holy and righteous.

What Does The Bible Say About Stealing From Your Parents

Children should live under the guidance of the Lord where they should grow in Christ. They need to learn how to please God since their childhood. Jesus does not allow children to steal things from their parents.

Sometimes our parents may not afford what we need but children should be patient and look forward to getting from the Lord. 

They should seek their essential things from the Lord and the scripture says if we ask anything according to God’s will then he will definitely give us.

 What Does The Bible Say About Thieves

The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has the power to transform a person. It changes a man from his sinful activities and makes him righteous in the sight of the Lord.

The word of God starters working in us while we pay heed to it and immediately we find the evil that controls us to lead towards the destruction.

In Christ Jesus, we become a new creation and all of our previous sinful works washed away by the blood of Jesus and we then have the privilege to put on Christ in us.

A thief should leave his way of stealing and he needs to work hard in order to run his family. He should also earn for others so he can share with the needy person (Ephesians 4:28)

The treasure that one can earn by unrighteousness will never give him joy and peaceful life. The Lord knows the heart and everyone should live a holy life by which he will be acceptable before the sight of the Lord. 

He needs to give up all kinds of evil practices for the sake of the Lord. On the day of the judgment, wickedness will give no benefit but righteousness will deliver us from God’s wrath (Proverbs 10:2).

The children of God must be wise in their ways of living. They would live a godly life by which they will be worthy to live with God in heaven. God has called his children to be separated from the sinful activities by which they will keep themselves away from these worldly works which God hates.

Jesus also made the way for his people to live a holy life where he promised them to seek his Kingdom first and he will provide everything that they need most. This promise is for the believers who will trust him and live a life without sin.

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