What Does The Bible Say About Ants

The Bible Say About Ants

Though man is the highest creation of God whom he created by his own image yet he asked him to learn from small creatures who are not worthy to be compared with him.

The Bible did not say much about ants but it directs its readers to follow and learn from them especially those who are lazy in doing their works on time.

Man can be wise by following the works of little insects who are very wise and concerned about their works. Sometimes we show our knowledge and works to others and feel pride but we are very weak in doing the right thing at the appropriate time. 

We are commanded to watch how the ants live and how do they complete their tasks before the troubles appear. There are certainly many things we can learn from them. Let us look closely at their works and way of living which will make us achieve the goal that we have set before us.

Lessons From Ants In The Bible

We shall be wise and enriched in knowledge if we admit our weakness and follow what the scripture tells us to do. Obviously, we will be benefited if we walk according to its direction. Here we will see the tremendous benefits that we can learn from ants. Let us learn the lessons and grow.

Consider Its Ways And Be Wise

Sometimes we need to read the book of nature where God had said a lot for us. We are asked to follow them as they are diligent in their work. Ants never waste their time idly. They always keep themselves busy in doing their work.

Here, we must work hard and meet the needs of our family. The scripture says if we deny earning for our families then we are worse than non-believers (1 Timothy 5:8).

From ants, we can get a lesson of working that encourages us to utilize our precious time properly.

There Is No Leader In Ants

In a group of ants, we do not see any leader or ruler among them. But they all work hard together to fulfill their work. This teaches us to be humble and we should not have pride in ourselves. Just like ants, we are also created beings.  Our life is not in our hands as we do not know our future.

Here in this world, we have some duties and we must do so. The works that we do must be done happily and our intention should not be focused on pleasing man but to please God.  The works that we do should be considered as the work of God (Colossians 3:23)

Finish Your Work On Time

Ants can be found everywhere in the times of summer. This is the time when they store their food as they take rest in times of winter. They are wise in dealing with their works. During the winter season, they remain in anthills and eat the food that they collected in summer times. 

We are to give our eyes on their works and responsibilities. Many people often spend their time when they should work but they spend their precious time doing nothing and suffer when they are unable to work. 

In our life, we can work during our young age and if we neglect it then we have to suffer when we will reach our retirement period. If we do not work at the right time then we will become poor and blame ourselves when we will have no other way before us (Proverbs 10:4).

Strength Does Not Matter For Success

To reach the success we should not care for our strengths. The ant is a small insect but never compromises with its job. So we should not give any excuse in our works. If we consistently work with the goal then we shall be able to reach our destination.

Our strength must not be our aim but our works are important and we should learn it from ants who are very tiny in size but diligent in their works.

Characteristics Of Ants In The Bible

There are some characteristics that can be found in ants that the Bible mention. Let us learn those attributes from them.

 Ants Are Wise

The scripture tells us that they are wise insects. They know very well when to work and when to take a rest. This nature is to be learned from them to develop our life. 

Small In Size

Ants are very small in size but they do not care about their size. They know that they have to work hard in order to survive when the season changes. So they always focus on doing work on time.

Diligent At Work

The Bible has recorded this small creature for their activeness in works. They are always busy and keep themselves away from spending unnecessary work.

Not Strong Enough

Ants are strong enough yet they never remain idle. They keep themselves busy with their work. They never complain about their strength.

No Leader

They have no master to rule them but they have disciple in their works. All of them work together with the same goal.


Ants are unique among other insects due to their unity. They always work together to complete their task. We can find a group of ants and hardly we see a single ant working alone.

Spiritual Lessons From Ants

Ants are the smartest creature that we can ever see. We should also be like them in our spiritual life where we must work hard to earn salvation. 

If we do not pay heed to what Jesus says about our salvation then we will really suffer for it on the day of judgment. Now we can prepare ourselves to enter into God’s kingdom by sacrificing all our desires.

Like ants, we need to live a disciple life to get the salvation that is available now by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ. If we deny living a disciplined life, we will automatically lose the hope that we have in Jesus.

These are the things that we can learn from ants that help us to grow in our faith and motivate us to seek salvation by living a godly life as long as we will be here in this temporal world.

Bible Verse About Ants KJV

Proverbs 6:6-8 “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,  Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.”

Proverbs 30:25 “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;”

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