Bible Verses About Birds | Birds In The Bible

Bible Verses About Birds

The Bible tells us many things which God created for mankind. The things which we can see today are created by the powerful and wonderful hands of God. We must know that God made them for a special purpose. All the natural things were created to make this world more attractive and beautiful.

Among all the creatures God created birds. There are various kinds of birds that can be found on this earth. We can know several birds which are mentioned in the Bible. Let us know about the birds which the Bible has recorded. 

Buzzard God asked Moses to command the children of Israel to stay away from such birds which were regarded as an abomination among the birds. Buzzard was also considered an abomination. The people of Israel were admonished not to eat the meat of buzzard. (Leviticus 11:13)

Dove  Many times we can see the name of this bird in the Bible. After the great flood, Noah sent a dove to check the water level on the earth. Dove has the ability to fly for a long time. Noah used this bird to know the situation of water on this earth which was caused by the flood. (Genesis 8:8)

Eagle The name of this bird can be found many times in the scripture. In a conversation, God asked Job who makes an eagle to fly high and makes its nest on high. Eagle can fly very high and it is a very strong bird. (Job 39:27)

Falcon The name of falcon is recorded in the Bible. We can know that this bird was also a creation of God. (Deuteronomy 14:13)

Chicks Jesus says that God has sent many prophets in the land of Jerusalem but they have killed them. As a hen tries to protect  its chiks gathering them together, God also does the same. (Matthew 23:37)

Hawk  God asked Job who made the bird hawk. It is really amazing to see a bird fly because God is there who gave his wisdom to make the bird fly. (Job 39:26)

Heron  And Hoopoe These two birds are also mentioned in the Bible. We know that God has created these two beautiful birds to fill this earth. (Leviticus 11:19)

Vulture  There are many species of vulture in the world. They can fly high and they eat insects, sneak and mice. They can identify their prey even while they fly on high. (Leviticus 11:13)

Turtledove This bird belongs to the pigeon family.  Its body is reddish brown and neck is blue-grey. It usually eats the seeds of the ground. (Song of Solomon 2:12)

Swift  This bird can be seen in several parts of the world. It is an amazing creature on this earth. The Bible does not forget to mention this little bird. (Jeremiah 8:7)

Swallow Swallows are small birds and they have pointed narrow wings which help them to fly. Their bills are very short and they depend on their weak feet. (Psalm 84:3)

Stork It is a big size bird. They love to  live together. Often they are seen in a group. Their bills are long enough to hurt the prey easily. (Psalm 104:17)

Sparrows This bird can be found around us. It takes small insects, seeds as their food. There are many types of sparrows in the world. We can find this bird in the word of God. (Matthew 10:29-31)

Raven This belongs to the crow family. But they are bigger than crow in size. They are black colored birds. (Job 38:41)

Rooster The male chicken is called a rooster. They are usually considered meat. Peter cried with tears when the rooster called three times in the morning as Jesus told him earlier about that fact. (Matthew 26:34)

Quail In various regions of the world can be noticed. They are medium in size. They eat seeds, small insects and live around us . (Numbers 11:31-32)

Pigeon There are many types of pigeons in this world. Small sized pigeons are called doves but large sizes are known as pigeons. They live on eating seeds and small insects.  (Leviticus 12:6)

Pelican These are the water birds. They have large throats and long beaks. (Psalm 102:6)

Partridge This bird can be seen in Europe, Asia and Africa. They are medium-sized birds. (1 Samuel 26:20)

Owl of the desert  It is a special species of owl. It nests in the cliffs. It is usually found in the mountains of Israel, Egypt and Arabian Peninsula. It takes mice, insects as their food. (Psalm 102:6) 

ostriches It is a large flightless bird. It has two long legs which they usually use for their walk and self defence. This bird can run very fast and when they find themselves in danger they hit their enemies with kicks which are so powerful. (Job 30:29) 

Let us know some other important facts about birds.

God Created Birds  Before the creation of man God has created all the natural things and he also created birds. The Bible teaches us that birds were the direct creation of the Lord (Genesis 1:20-21).

Adam Named The Birds God asked Adam to name all the creatures including birds as well (Genesis 2:19-20).

Noah Offered Cleaned Birds To The Lord  God delivered Noah and his family from the great flood where the rest of the world was destroyed. Noah offered God the burnt offering with the clean animals and clean birds (Genesis 8:20).

Birds Are Different From Other Creatures Paul said that birds are different from other creatures.  All the animals and birds are unique (1 Corinthians 15:39).

Under Man’s Dominion God has made birds for the sake of man. Man has authority over the birds (Psalm 8:6-8).

Birds Can Be Eaten  God says men should take birds as their food. It would not be considered a sin if a man eats birds (Genesis 9:3).

Birds Belong To God  Psalm 50:11 says that all the birds are his. He has created them for the sake of man (Psalm 50:11).

Birds can Be Tamed  The scripture says that birds can be tamed by a human being (James 3:7).