I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me – Philippians 4:13 Meaning

Philippians 4:13 Meaning

I Can Do All Things

We cannot do everything by our own strength. We are just mere human beings and we have so many limitations. Here, Paul claimed that he can do everything which seems that he is a very powerful creature. Actually, Paul said that he dedicated his life for the sake of Christ and there was a divine purpose for his life.  

In his early life, he was the man who persecuted many Christians and troubled them a lot. Jesus transformed him while he was walking on the way to Damascus to capture the Christians. His life was completely changed after meeting with Jesus and his aim of life also changed dramatically.

He became the man who suffered and endured torture from people for the sake of the gospel. He welcomed all kinds of hardships and troubles in his life due to Christ. He explained how many oppositions he faced during his evangelism but he never gave up his ministry. 

He took the burden to preach the gospel to the unreached. He knew that all of his sufferings were for a limited period of time and he will receive the reward for those incidents.

In his letter to the Philippians, he thanked them for their kindness and help for his missionary works. Apart from that he also said that he is accustomed to every circumstance to adjust himself. He knew how to suffer in times of hardships and how to behave in times of abundance. He learned to make himself happy in every situation.

Paul asked the believers to learn from him so they can have the same mind as him in order to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Following Jesus and walking in his ways are not so easy and it is not so hard too if the believers have the Christ-like mindset which teaches them to endure every hard time. 

Through Christ

Paul has revealed the secret for his life which led him to suffer for the sake of Christ. His previous life was much better than his present life where he was beaten, persecuted, and imprisoned. He did not complain a single word against the Lord. 

He had a clear concept of Jesus which enabled him to suffer. He knew that this earthly life is temporary and it will not give him anything better than the rewards which are waiting for him. So, he decided to work for Christ where he lost his respect and honor. 

He understood that he will reign with Christ in heaven which is his permanent dwelling place. He considered all the worldly things as rubbish. The knowledge of Christ made him brave and courageous to carry the gospel into remote places of the world.

Jesus used him to extend his kingdom upon this earth. Paul did a great job in his life to share the gospel in various parts of the world. He was even sent behind the bar for preaching the gospel. But none could stop him from his job. He wrote letters to the churches to encourage the believers to stay with the Lord so they can inherit heaven. 

After the conversion to Christianity, his life led him through many difficulties. But Paul was satisfied whatsoever he came across in his life. He boldly claimed that he can do everything through Christ.

This statement of Paul encourages the believers to be strong and focused in their Christian life. Believers must imitate the life of Paul and move forward to achieve the goal that is founded in Jesus.

Who Strengthens Me

Paul acknowledged that Christ has strengthened him in his sufferings and difficulties. He was just a normal man but Christ has blessed him to endure the pain for his ministry’s sake. 

If we look carefully at the life of Paul, we can notice that it was Jesus who called him for a special task. He was assigned to carry the gospel. So, God was with him and guided him and protected him in every circumstance. 

Paul knew very well that God is capable of doing anything. He did not seek any earthly riches but he dedicated himself to the glory of God. He was accused many times of Gospel’s sake but he never gave up on Jesus in his life.

Every follower of Jesus must pay heed to Paul’s encouraging words which help to become a strong and obedient disciple. It is mandatory to rely on the strength of  God instead of man’s power and talents. 

In Christian life, the followers will face many temptations and persecutions as the devil is also working hard to misguide God’s children from their goal. Looking upon the life of Paul every believer should be determined to receive mental and spiritual strength from the Lord.