What Does the Bible say about Giving To Others And God

What Does The Bible Say About Giving

The Lord has given us this wonderful earth to live in. The amazing works of God’s mighty hand compel us to thank him for his uncountable blessings upon mankind.  

The Lord wants us to extend our help hands as he provided all our needs. We received many things from him freely. We can give nothing to Him but what we can do is support others who are in need of our help.

Jesus says we will receive our food, cloth, and shelter when we seek  God’s kingdom first (Matthew 6:33). Now we have to approach others who are suffering in their poverty. 

Being a child of God we are asked to live a different life from others. Our first priority is to think for God’s kingdom and the second task is to take care of our neighbors.

Luke 3:11 teaches us that when we have two shirts we need to share one who has none and we should share the food too in the same manner. We will glorify the Lord by doing such righteous works to others. 

Christians should have a mind to give to others because our Lord Jesus taught us to do so. He left an example by sacrificing his own life upon the cross. 

Give Others Secretly

Our charitable deeds should not be done to gain praise from the people of this world. The scripture says that there will be rewards who give their things to others. But these rewards will not be given if the giver shows his charity to others.

The Jews religious leaders used to practice such charitable acts before their society. They wanted to show themselves that they were very righteous. Their intention was to receive honor from the people. But Jesus warns us not to follow them because we are to get the reward from the Lord who sees our righteous works invisibly and keeps the records as well. 

When we give anything to others we need to keep it hidden from others’ knowledge as the Lord will give the reward. The moment we get respect and honor from spectators due to charitable deeds, we get nothing from the Lord.

This kind of giving is not acceptable before the Lord. The motive of the giver is not based upon his real intention rather he tries to show his pride before men (Matthew 6:1-4).

Jesus says not to tell our left hand what our right hand gives. This means that we should keep it very secret from others. God loves such people who really share his things with others out of his love for that person.

We Need To Give According To Our Ability

Jesus gives his disciples the task to extend his kingdom on this earth so men will be saved from the upcoming wrath of God. Being a believer we must take part in the evangelism work that Christ planned for the unsaved people. 

It is impossible for us to do the work of God alone. But our help can form a system by which we can do the work of God tremendously. God has blessed us and we need to do something for his kingdom. 

We have to open our hearts to collect money and other things which will help the missionaries to work in the mission fields. We must serve the Lord with our own money. This work of giving for the sake of God’s kingdom will bless us on this earth and it will also help us to reach the eternal dwelling place (1 Corinthians 16:1-2).

Always we should offer ourselves to God so we can do something for his kingdom. All our efforts will be rewarded at the time of judgment and we will enjoy our days in heaven.

This is a temporal world where we are living for a certain day but we have another world where we have the privilege to live for eternal life. Now it is our high time to prepare ourselves to inherit that place by giving our best to extend the kingdom of God on this earth.

We Must Give Willingly 

We must give with joy and happiness. There is an example in the Old Testament that shows us what kind of attitude should be in the heart of a giver. 

David wanted to build a temple for the Lord but God refused him to do that work. God received the temple from the hands of Solomon. But David was not disappointed and he asked all the children of Israel to bring their gold, precious stones, and other materials for the construction of the temple.

All the people who brought the gifts for the Lord rejoiced because they offered willingly for the sake of God. this made David so happy that he also rejoiced with them (1 Chronicles 29:3-9).

Our contribution to God’s kingdom should be willing and we will have the heavenly peace in our midst. The joy of giving to God can not be gained by receiving anything in this world.

Everything we see and use belongs to God and nothing we brought with us and we will carry with our empty hands but we love the things of the worldly material so much that sometimes we forget our real identity and become so stingy to give others even to the Lord also.

The Act Of Giving Should Be Cheerfully

Our charitable act must be from our hearts. If it does not come from our innermost heart then we will not get any joy in this act. If we give less we will also get less but we need to reap much by giving much to others.

First of all, we must consider that we are belongs to God and he has called us for a special task. He wants us to help others by which he will show his glory to others.

There must be gladness in the hearts that we are privileged that God is using us to help others and also for the extension of his kingdom (2 Corinthians 9:6-15).

Let us not hold ourselves back while we give our things to others as well to the Lord.

Let Us Give To The Lord

The Lord says we must give to him what is his. If we do not give his portion then we are actually robbing him. God wants us to test him by giving him the tithe. 

We cannot give our things to the Lord as he is the creator of everything and he is the owner too. We have no authority over this earth yet he has given us everything to use and live in.

The Lord wants us to bring the tithe in his temple where it would be used for the expansion of his kingdom on this earth. The money that we give to the church is used for mission works. Our cheerful giving to the Lord helps us to receive God’s blessings ( Malachi 3:10).

Israelites Contribution For The Tabernacle 

The Lord told Moses to build the tabernacle where he will dwell.  Moses spoke to all the Israelites about what God told him about the construction of the Tabernacle. 

The children of God were happy to contribute their skill to the construction of the Tabernacle. They cheerfully came forward to share the skill and talents they had. Even the women also took part to build what the Lord told them to do. 

They brought their golds, silvers, and bronzes for the sake of the Lord. The entire nation shared their skill, labor, and materials for the construction of the Tabernacle (Exodus 35:21-29). 

This wonderful work of God’s people left us an example of how to work together for the Lord. Let us evaluate ourselves regularly and seek the opportunity to step forward to contribute our talents and labor for the sake of God.

Offering Collected By Leaders of Israel 

Moses anointed and consecrated the tabernacle when it was completely set up. The leaders of every tribe brought their offerings for the house of the Lord (Numbers 7:2-28).

The act of giving was seen in the hearts of the leaders which made them receive more blessings. They all were well known that their God has done many miraculous works for them and they did not remain silent to thank God with what they possessed. 

As true followers of Jesus Christ, we must examine ourselves what we get from the Lord and what we need to share for the Lord. It is very true that God blesses us more when we do something for him.

The Offering Of The Widow 

Jesus told his disciples to notice a widow who gave all of her livelihood into the treasury of God. Others gave some portion of their wealth but the widow was completely different from the rest.

This incident from the Bible warns us about the way we give to God. The Lord is watching over us and we need to open our hearts to give him with our maximum efforts. 

Our sacrifice for the Lord will be counted as a remarkable work in his sight and we shall be blessed (Mark 12:41-44).

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