Creation Story In The Bible – Biblical Creation Story Summary

Creation Story In The Bible

Concerning the creation story of this universe, many people have different ideas that have a great impact on man’s life. In the book of Genesis, we can find the creation story and it tells us everything in detail. 

It is important for us to know the creation event that was done by the Lord.  Until we get a clear picture of creation, we will have questions about it and it will lead us into confusion.

We can have deep knowledge about the creation of this universe only when we will put our trust in God then we will get to know it. God also revealed himself by his creation to mankind. His creation silently speaks about him. We cannot neglect it as it has a direct influence on our spiritual life

The God Revealed Himself In Creation

In the bible, God has revealed Himself as an eternal, infinite, holy, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and self-existing being who is the first cause of everything in this universe. Since the very beginning, God existed.

The Bible  confirms it, “Before the mountains were brought forth, Or ever You had formed the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.” (Psalm 90:2)

Before creating this finite world the Lord existed eternally and infinitely. He was beyond his creation and when nothing came into existence into the world or the universe was not formed. He is above our approach and no human being can reach him. His existence was before the creation and unapproachable (1Timothy 6:16).

Everything in heaven or on earth was created by him. Every visible and invisible thing, dominions or principalities or powers were created by His mighty hand ( Colossians 1:16).

God has revealed himself as a personal being. His creation of Adam and Eve declares it. 

Genesis 1:26-27 says that God has created Adam and Eve in His own image. This describes that God is a personal being. They were created to have fellowship with him in a loving and personal way. Adam and Eve were finite, still, they were made to communicate with the Lord.

God also revealed himself as a moral being by creating everything perfect and sinless.

After his creation, the Lord took a survey and he expressed that everything is perfect. 

When he created Adam and Eve in his likeness, they had no sin in them and they were innocents. The entire creation has no-fault until the serpent deceived Eve by tempting her to eat the forbidden fruit. 

Due to man’s disobedience sin entered into the human race and it also affected the entire creation of God.

The Activity Of God Revealed In Creation

The Activity Of God Revealed In Creation

The scripture says that God created everything and he also created the heavens by which he has revealed himself and he is also exposed as a creator of this universe.

By creating this universe and all the things in it he has proven himself that he can do such things that man or other beings cannot do.  Revelation 10:6 also confirms that God has created everything and he has made all with a purpose.

The creation story tells us that in the beginning when God created this universe it was formless, empty, and covered with darkness (Genesis 1:2).

Today we can see an order between the universe and this world but in the beginning, it was not like this. The world was empty and there was no light so the darkness covered everywhere (Genesis 1:3-5).

To make his creation beautiful and useful, God separated the darkness from the earth and he gave light by creating the sun and moon and he filled the earth with the living things and he gave a proper form to the universe (Genesis 1:3-28).

The tool that God used in creation was the power of his word by which he has created everything in this universe. Many times we can see that God commanded and the thing appeared. Before his creation heavens and this universe had no existence.

Psalm 33:6,9  says that by his word heavens were made and all the hosts came into existence by the breath of his mouth. He ordered and it was done so.

Isaiah 48:13 also confirms that the foundation of the earth was done by his words.

As apostle Paul also declared that everything was created by Christ, the things which are in heaven and on this earth which are visible and invisible, everything was created by Jesus for himself.

Hebrews 1:2 also testifies that everything was created by God.

The Purpose Of God’s Creation

God did not create this universe without any specific reason but there was a special reason for creating this wonderful universe. By creating this universe and all the natural things in it,  he has revealed himself to mankind as well as he has expressed his glory to the universe. 

Heavens and the earth declare his glory, wisdom, and power. David says that the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands. The entire universe and its beauty make us think of God’s glory, might, and wisdom. 

No man or any created being cannot make such a universe because they are limited and their wisdom and knowledge and power are not like God. The order of nature silently speaks God’s glory and the wonderful wisdom. 

The reason God created the heavens and earth is to receive honor and praise from its creatures. The sun, moon, trees of the forest, snow, streams, rivers, birds, and all the things on this earth are also praising God by doing their works on time.

As they are created by the Lord so they are giving the glory to their creator by doing their task day by day. 

Then how much God expects glory, honor, and praise from human beings whom he has created in his own image. Man must glorify God because they are nothing without his guidance and without his blessings. They cannot take a single step without the help of God.

Instead of glorifying self wisdom man must submit to the Lord with a gentle and thanksgiving heart with praise and honor so that God would be glorified and praised as he deserves that.

God created this earth for mankind in order to fulfill his purpose and goals. God gave free will to mankind so that they can utilize it and they can understand which would be best for them. No other animals or birds were created by God’s image except man.

Adam and Eve were created in the garden of Eden by the image of God so that they can walk along with the Lord and they can have an intimate relationship with their creator. It was not God’s intention to kick them out of heaven. 

God desired to be with them as he created this universe, especially for their survival. When God created everything there was a special purpose that the man must domain everything in the sky, in the water, and in the land. 

But because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, God separated himself and everything was changed in this world. God gave wisdom to man and he also made them the most intelligent being on this earth. 

If we look at our surroundings we can find that man has invented various important gadgets and they also used them but no other creatures did so. This speaks that God created man with a brain as he is also an intelligent God.

God’s intention was to live with mankind but sin made him  separated from mankind. 

Revelation 21:3 says that after the destruction of this earth the Lord himself will live with his own people who will be delivered from his wrath.

Creation Vs Evolution

In modern times many people who are educated and living in the age of modern science are often holding the view of evolution theory which declares the origin of life and the universe was not created by God.

Evolution theory explains that the origin and development of the universe were not done by any personal, divine, creator but it came into existence by a series of chance happenings that occurred over billions of years. They also claim that they have the scientific data that supports their view.

If we were a product of evolution then we are no longer accountable to God for our deeds. Evolution theory can say how this world came into existence but they cannot say why it was created.

In this matter, the Bible is very clear and it says that God created this universe for the sake of mankind so that they can live a peaceful life and they can survive here. The Lord has provided all the essential things on this earth for man’s survival.

So far on other planets, we could not find any life, this makes us think why only on this earth life exists. All the natural resources for mankind’s survival are available only on this earth. This clearly demonstrates that God has created this earth and he is also protecting and providing everything on time.

If we look at the solar system we can understand that all the planets, natural satellites, and stars are on their own orbits. If a single planet leaves its orbit and it goes in others’ orbit then an accident will take place.

But so far we can see that all the planets and their natural satellites are moving around the sun without breaking their order. 

This tells us that beyond this amazing system,  someone is controlling everything and he is observing us. 

If the evolution theory was true then why monkeys are not yet changed or transformed into human beings. We can come to the conclusion that we are not the product of evolution but we are the directly created being from God.

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