Meaning Of (Proverbs 1:7) -Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of The Wisdom

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of the knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

Solomon was a renowned king over Israel. In his kingship, the nation achieved its success from every corner. Solomon was well known among his surrounding nations due to the heavenly wisdom that he gained from the Lord.

After walking with the Lord he experienced that everyone should fear the Lord in their heart. Fearing the Lord helps the believers to be rooted with his creator in order to understand all the spiritual matters.

A man of God must walk in the path of God to inherit wisdom because he knows its importance in life. On the contrary, a foolish person will not gain wisdom because he considers himself wise in his own understanding. Let us see the several benefits of fearing God in our life.

Fear Of The Lord Makes Us Righteous

We will be aware of God’s righteousness only if we fear him first. Many people react to God indifferently due to a lack of knowledge about Him. A person will have a proper understanding of his life only if he acquires enough wisdom from the Lord. 

A young man will know the way of his life by the words of God (Psalms 119:9). Fearing the Lord does not mean that we must stay far from him, rather it teaches us to know what he likes and what he does not like.

The Lord has revealed his words to this world for the benefit of his children but many people do not pay heed to them. The reason for their negligence is they do not fear God.  Thus, they refuse to give glory to the Lord.

But for the believers, it is different, as we know that we will have to pay the cost if we do not fear him on this earth. Our fear of God makes us abstain from all kinds of evil. By fearing the Lord, we get to know the truth and the beauty of our Christian life.

The Lord does not force us to fear him, but he has given us the freedom to choose. If we fear him and walk according to his instructions, then we will be able to make ourselves righteous and holi.

Fear Of The Lord Gives Us Wisdom

God’s children must need the wisdom to spend their time on this earthly life. With the wisdom of God, a man can see what others cannot see. The scripture says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom which means one can attain the wisdom from the Lord only when he surrenders his life to God and fears him with respect.

There are several scriptures that warn believers to walk in God’s wisdom. The wisdom which comes from the above is pure and it is needed for every child of God. But the information that we derive from this world is called knowledge which has no importance to save our soul from the wrath of God.

Fear of the Lord leads us to gain the heavenly wisdom by which we can understand what the Lord made for us and what action we need to take to gain the rewards from the Lord.

The scripture reminds us that if anyone is in need of wisdom, he can ask the Lord and the Lord will give him freely (James 1:5). So, we can get wisdom from the Lord because he loves us and he knows the importance of it in our Christian life.

Fear Of The Lord Leads Us To Heaven

God wants his children to fear him because he knows that people will follow his words only when they have fear in their hearts. A person who does not fear the Lord will not care about his words thus he will perish and see eternal death.

But the faithful believers who will really fear God will value him and live a godly life that will satisfy the Lord and eventually they will be the people of heaven.

It  is not God’s will to lose a single person, but man’s disobedience leads him to miss the golden days that are waiting for those who will live a God fearing life on the earth.

One will know his final destination by fearing the Lord. It would be impossible to know our life after death if we do not follow God’s ways. The Lord has uncovered the things which will happen in the days to come, but we can gain them by our fearful approach to him.

To have a proper knowledge about our souls and their destinations, we must show God our reverence and respect with a clean and humble heart. Our little step towards him, enables us to receive a beautiful message that God desires us to give which teaches us about life in heaven.

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