Seven Characters Of Resurrected Jesus Christ

Seven Characters of resurrected Christ

Jesus fulfilled the scripture that was written concerning him by giving his life on the cross and resurrecting from the dead. His disciples also obeyed him only when they saw him after his death. 

At first, they denied believing that he had risen but later when Jesus came before them, they were bound to believe him as he showed the evidence of his resurrection.

After the resurrection, Jesus lived on the earth for forty days and during that period several times, he showed himself before his disciples. Apart from his disciples, he also manifested before five hundred people. And finally, before his ascension, he met his disciple on the mount of Olives.

 Let us see the Seven Characters of Resurrected Christ.

Jesus Proved His Divinity  

Many people believed Jesus as God while he had performed many miracles and wonders but a large number of people denied his divinity.  To prove himself that he was God in flesh, the resurrection was mandatory for him. After the resurrection, he proved himself before the men who denied him as God (Romans 1:4).

His own disciples also left him at the time of his death and they scattered but when they saw him again, they trusted him wholeheartedly. Jesus’s resurrection made his disciples carry the gospel among the countries of the world.

They found hope in their lives and they were eager to meet Jesus after their death in heaven. 

Fulfilled The Prophecies Of The Old Testament  

Jesus has fulfilled the prophecies concerning him that were written in the Old Testament. It was written that the savior will suffer and die but on the third day, he will be raised from the dead (Luke 24:26-27).

Jesus’s resurrection fulfilled those prophecies and he also proved that he is God of Israel. Now, He revealed himself before the entire world to make them righteous in order to give them eternal life.

Resurrection Of Jesus Subsidised All The Laws Of Old Testament 

The blood of Jesus on the cross instituted the grace period for the believers which was verified by his resurrection. Before the crucifixion of Jesus,  the Lord’s blessing was only for Israel but now God has revealed himself before every tribe of the world. 

Gentiles got the privilege to worship the Lord who created the heavens and the earth. In this grace period, Jesus abolished all the laws that the Jews used to obey to satisfy the Lord in order to get their salvation (Romans 10:4).

Jesus asks every believer to turn from their sins and to repent so that their sins can be forgiven and they might receive the grace of God by which they will be saved from the judgment of the Lord.

Resurrection Of Jesus Brought Hope To Believers 

The resurrection of Christ is the hope for the believers. The Christians can rely on the hope that they will also be glorified and gained the spiritual body as  Jesus was raised by the power of the Lord. 

As many as will die in Christ will be given the resurrected body and they will permanently live with Christ in the new earth. In Christian life, believers need to sacrifice so many things in order to gain eternal life. Christ’s resurrection gives the believers a hope that they will really inherit heaven what Jesus promised them to give (1Corinthians 15:18-19).

Like Jesus, believers will also have an incorruptible, glorious and spiritual body that Jesus gained after his resurrection. With the new body, they will live with Jesus forever (1Corinthians 15:42).

Guaranteed The Coming Judgment 

The judgment of this world is in the hands of Jesus. The Lord has raised him up from the dead and ordained him to judge all the men and women of this world on an appointed day (Acts 17:31)

The Lord warns everyone to turn from their sins so that they can be saved from his wrath. Though many people do not take the judgment seriously, yet it is true and the Lord confirmed it by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

Those who will walk by the ways of God will see the goodness of God but people who do not obey the word of God will experience God’s judgment (Romans 11:22)

Made Faith Real      

All the disciples of Jesus left him alone at the time of his sufferings and death. They also returned to their previous professions. They turned again towards Jesus only when they saw the resurrected Jesus.

Before that their faith was weak and they did not begin their ministries but after the resurrection of Jesus their faith became real and they were so brave that they gave their lives for the sake of Christ. 

Paul also mentioned that Christ rose from the dead and if it was not true then their preaching is also useless. His resurrection made believers’ faith real (1 Corinthians 15:14-17).

Sealed The Believers Resurrection 

The suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus were foretold in the Old Testament books. All of these are for the sake of the entire world to provide salvation. One cannot get salvation by his own efforts. On the other hand, God cannot come to the man as he is holy so, to solve this problem he took the human form and died on the cross and was risen from the dead on the third day.

Jesus became the first fruit of those who have died in him. The death entered into the world by Adam and life also came to man by the resurrection of Jesus (1Corinthians 15:20-23)

For the believers, Christ has sealed the resurrection and eternal life in heaven. In John 11:25-26, Jesus says whosoever will believe in him will not see death, which means in him believers will get everlasting life.

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