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Benefits Of Memorizing Bible Scripture

Why Is It Important To Memorise The Scripture?

We are living in a modern age where we often look at Bible verses from Mobile apps or tablets. But we never meditate on them and hardly memorize them. 

We will miss the amazing benefits of memorizing God’s word if we do not give importance to it. The Bible often reminds us to remember its words so that we can have the strength to overcome the wicked plans of our enemy.

After the death of Moses, the Lord appointed Joshua to guide and lead his chosen nation into the promised land. But Joshua found it very difficult to fulfill God’s plan. 

He was commanded to meditate upon the instructions of the Lord and he did so, as a result, that he became a well-known leader in Israel.

We are also on a mission where our main goal is to achieve the reward from the Lord By walking in his commandments. We will be successful in our goal if we memorize the scripture in our hearts. 

Let us see the amazing ten benefits of memorising the word of God.

1. Memorizing Scripture Purifies Our Thoughts (Philippians 4:8)

Memorizing scripture will help us to understand the truth which was revealed by Jesus and it will also help us to sort out noble and pure things.

Without the word of God, we cannot identify the right things. The scripture also tells us that we must separate ourselves from all kinds of evil things which will be beneficial for us. If we remember the scripture only then we will be careful and protect our souls from the everlasting condemnation.

Meditating on the word of God will direct us to walk in the path of righteousness and finally, it will help us to form an intimate relationship with our creator.

As we are living in a fallen world where we are separated from the Lord because of our sin which we inherited from the first man Adam. To purify our thoughts we need to store the word of God in our hearts.

By allowing the scripture to dwell in our hearts, we can be aware to cleanse our hearts from evil thoughts.

 2. Memorizing Scripture Increase Our Effectiveness In Prayer (John 15:7)

Our carnal nature is always fighting against our spirit which separates us from the Lord. Jesus says that man shall not live by bread alone but by every single word of God. 

We are here on this earth not to satisfy our fleshly desires but we are to glorify God through our lives. We have to memorize the scripture so that we can abide in God’s teachings and if we do so only then our prayers will be answered by the Lord.

When we read the scripture and keep it in our hearts we become an instrument of God which leads us to have a more prayerful life by which we fulfill the will of God in our lives.

Reading the scripture and remembering them make us understand who God is and what he likes and what he has done for us and it also helps us to act according to his intentions.

3. Memorizing Scripture Is Useful For Witnessing Christ  (Acts 8:35-36)

Remembering the scripture helps us to witness Jesus among the nonbelievers. A eunuch who was returning from Jerusalem on a chariot meditating the scriptures from the book of Isaiah which prophesied about Christ’s suffering and death for mankind. 

But he did not understand what it meant. An angel of the Lord directed Philip to meet him on the way and to preach the gospel and make him clear about what he was reading from the book of Isaiah.

Philip explained to him that Jesus was being told in the book of  Isaiah in that portion which he did not make out. And he also told him that to be saved from the wrath of God to enter into heaven, he must be baptized in water. 

After hearing this the eunuch decided to receive Jesus by taking water baptism. 

Phillip had a deep knowledge of the scripture that is why he was able to explain to him the meaning of Isaiah’s prophecy and thus he witnessed Jesus.

We will also be able to witness Jesus among our friends and neighbors who have not heard of Jesus by memorizing the scriptures in our hearts. The Bible says that the kingdom of God will be extended through preaching the word of God.

Remembering the scriptures helps us to win the souls and by doing so we can receive a reward from the Lord at the time of the judgment.

 4. Memorizing Scripture Helps Us To meditate (Psalm 119:97)

The word of God must be meditated every day and night to understand or gain heavenly wisdom. The world where we are living was made by the Lord and he is the one who knows our future.

When we thirst for the Lord and seek his guidance in our lives then we must put his words in our midst. The Bible says that we are the children of the most high God who purchased us from the hand of Satan by shedding his blood on the cross.

Jesus also says that we can only please him by walking in his teachings. It would be possible only when we will think his words and we will meditate upon them. 

In the times of Jesus, many people heard the gospel and they also witnessed Jesus in their naked eyes. But they completely failed due to their indifference and they did not meditate upon the words that Jesus spoke to them.

In today’s time, we can find that many people know about Jesus and they also read the scripture but when we look at them we do not see any difference in them. This happens because they do not meditate on the scriptures that is why we can find no changes in them.

5. Memorizing Scripture Enriches Our Bible Knowledge  (2Timothy 3:16)

Memorizing the scripture enriches our Bible knowledge. Jesus says that we must abide in his words. So, we must put his commandments in our hearts. We cannot neglect the importance of the scriptures in our lives. 

Once Adam and Eve neglected the word of God and they experienced dire consequences in their life which resulted in their separation from the Lord.

Remembering the scripture is profitable for our correction and instruction in righteousness. The Bible is given by inspiration from the Lord and we should meditate and remember the verses which are given for the upliftment of our spiritual life.

We must equip ourselves with righteousness and good works and this will only be done by putting the word of God in our hearts.

We are waiting here on this earth to enter new heaven where we will live with our creator and savior Jesus Christ. From the Bible, we can get to know that we are the citizens of heaven and this beautiful message heals us all our sorrows.

Until we read the scripture, we cannot know such good news. To enter into that New Heaven we all have to put Christ in us and we must live a holy life that will please God and by fulfilling his instructions we will be worthy to enter his Kingdom that will remain forever.

We must be serious concerning the word of God because at the time of judgment the Lord will judge us according to the words that he has given us in the Bible.

If we fail to memorize the scripture and live a life that is not acceptable to God then we’ll have to pay its cost.

6. Memorizing Scripture Enhances Our Counselling Skills   (Proverbs 15:23)

The word of God is light for us as we are living in the darkness. When the word of God comes into our hearts it guides us and helps us to choose the right things.

We need to meditate upon the word of God and it will give us heavenly wisdom which will help us to understand the deeper meaning of God’s word and finally it will enhance our counseling or teaching skills.

If we do not memorize the word of God then we’ll have to face lots of problems in our day-to-day lives. The Bible speaks that the Lord created everything with a specific plan and we will get to know everything only if we have a proper understanding of God’s word. 

If we deny the power of memorizing God’s word then we will give wrong information to others while we’ll be dealing with them in counseling and teaching concerning the human race and the entire universe. 

The Lord wants us to remember his words in our hearts so that in times of hardships and in times of difficult situations we can console ourselves based on scripture.

Especially the youth are in need of God’s counseling in their life to develop themselves in such a way to gain the real-life which is designed by the Lord.

7. Memorizing Scripture Provides Guidance For Decisions (Psalms 119:24)

Many times we get confused about what to do or what decision to take. If we remember the words of God then it will help us to make the right decision at the right time because God knows all of us and he will provide us and deliver us from our problems and hardships by giving us the right words.

There are so many people who are educated but in the times of taking right decisions in their families and in their offices or in their works, they appear with wrong decisions which bring more troubles in their lives. This happens due to a lack of God’s word.

But the children of God should not do as others do because we are called to depend on the Lord and we are to walk in his direction so that we will be able to take the right decision for our family and for our neighbors and we will be glorified our God by our actions.

The Lord hears our prayers and in the book of James 1:5 says that the Lord gives wisdom to those who seek it from him. If we diligently ask God to give us such wisdom to take the right decision then obviously God will give us and we will be able to take the right decision.

If we remember the word of God in our hearts and we practice them in our day-to-day life then we will obtain lots of good thoughts from the Lord which will help us to make the right decision for our life.

Our enemy Satan is always trying to pull us down from the Lord’s presence so that we may leave him and we can be destroyed by his plan. 

To differentiate what is good and what is bad for us we just need to remember the word of God so that we will be able to make the best decision for our life in order to have an intimate relationship with our creator.

8. Memorizing Scripture Provides Encouragement  (Romans 15:4)

Our life on this earth is not so easy without God’s guidance and protection. Throughout our life’s journey often we face trials and we lose our hope and we try to give up everything and at that time the word of God appears to us as a booster in our life and we get the hope again by its encouragement.

If we fail to remember the word of God then we’ll have to experience trials and temptations throughout life and we will be frustrated and disappointed because of the lack of knowledge of God.

If we remember the promises of the Lord and if we compare them how theLord had kept his promises throughout the old testament then we will be automatically encouraged and we will have the faith to depend on him which will give us mental strength to work hard and to be patient in the times of hardships.

If we look at the life of Joseph then we can learn from him that  he faced lots of problems in his life but he believed the Lord and depended on his words which encouraged him while he was in the tough times. 

So we should also memorize the words of God to get encouragement when we will feel ourselves down.

9. Memorizing Scripture Delivers From Temptations  (Psalm 37:31)

We are living in a sinful world where we are constantly facing temptations from everywhere in our daily lives. We need to remember the word of God so that it will guide us and deliver us in times of temptations. 

God does not tempt us but our inner hearts lead us towards the temptations due to our fleshly desires.

Memorizing the word of God we can overcome the temptations which can save us from destruction. If we look at the life of Jesus we can see that he also was tempted by Satan but he was delivered by using the word of God.

On the other hand, if we look at the garden of Eden we can see a different picture where Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge but they did not remember what the Lord told them.

The Lord informed them that the day they will eat the fruit will die and we all know the consequences were extremely painful for the entire universe.

To protect ourselves from Satan’s plan we must remember the word of God so that we can understand what God actually wants us to do at the time of such temptations.

If we read the scripture and remember them then we will be able to protect our souls from the wrath of God.

10. Memorizing Scripture Increases Our Faith (Romans 10:17)

Another great reason to remember the word of God is that our faith comes from hearing the word of God and it will help us to get salvation. 

If we remember the word of God then we will be able to preach to others as well as we will share the gospel to our friends and to our non-believers’ friends and by doing so we will increase their faith and they will trust the Lord and they will accept Jesus as their personal savior and God. 

The more we will read the scripture the more our faith will grow and we must grow spiritually to show that our faith can lead us to such a point where we will understand that Jesus is the real God who came on this earth and took the form of human flesh.

If we practice remembering the scripture regularly then we will see a difference after a few days and when we will look back at ourselves and compare our presence states of mind and faith then we will find a different picture. 

The more we will remember the scripture the more we will grow in Christ and our faith will be increased too.

Without faith, we cannot please God because God sees our hearts and we cannot please him until we believe him. But it is not easy to believe all the words of God and all the incidents that took place in the Bible if we do not read the bible and if we do not memorize them continually.

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