What Does Heaven Look Like Explanation According To The Bible

What Does Heaven Look Like

Many people often misunderstand the teachings of Jesus concerning heaven. As we do not see heaven with our naked eyes so many of us deny the existence of Heaven which will be revealed after the second advent of Jesus. Jesus has told his disciples to work for his ministry to inherit the everlasting land that is heaven. 

Heaven is not a mystery but it is a real place where the righteous will dwell with the Lord Jesus forever. 2 Peter 3:13 states that we the followers of Jesus Christ are waiting for heaven and it is a promise from Jesus for his faithful followers. We can enter into heaven by obeying all the commandments of Jesus. 

Once we understand the importance of heaven we will stick to the Lord Jesus till our last breath. We are living on this earth which is temporal and we are seeking heaven which is to come (Hebrews 13:14).

At the time of Jesus’s crucifixion, all of his disciples were scattered and they went back to their own works but when they saw the resurrected Jesus and spent forty days with him, after which they realized that a heaven is a real place. During those forty days, Jesus taught them many things about heaven.

Revelation 21:3 says that in heaven man will have the privilege to live with God. It would be an exciting moment while a man will see his creator who made him in his own image and subsided the sin by dedicating his own life on the cross.

Inhabitants Of  Heaven

Heaven is a place where God dwells (1 Kings 8:30). Though God is omnipresent still heaven is his dwelling place. Due to his holiness, he cannot live with a man as man has lost his holiness in the garden of Eden by disobeying God. According to Matthew 18:10 angels also live with God in heaven. These angels have some duties in heaven for the service of God.

Righteous men will dwell in heaven and they will meet God there (Hebrews 12:22-23). Everyone will be resurrected from the dead but only the righteous will have the authority to live with God in heaven.

Things Which Will Not Available In Heaven

We must know what things will not be available in heaven. God knows our best and he will provide the best things for us if we believe in him. God loves us and he cares for us. He has prepared heaven for the righteous who will follow him on this earthly life. The following things will not be provided to us in heaven.

Marriage In heaven, there will be no marriage. The resurrected believers will have a powerful body that will last forever and they will be like angels (Matthew 2:30).

Death Jesus has assured his disciples that there will be no more death in heaven. Believers will enjoy their lives in heaven and death will have no power over them (Luke 22:36).

Flesh And BloodPaul has mentioned that in resurrection believers will have a glorified body and that would be completely different from our present body. None can enter heaven with this fleshly body as this present body is corruptible (1 Corinthians 15:50). 

Sorrow And PainIn heaven believers will have no more sorrow and pain. On this present earth, we face hardships and trials which lead us towards sorrow and pain, but after the resurrection, we will enjoy our lives (Revelations 7:17, 21:4).

CurseIn the new earth God alone will rule and there will be no curse in heaven. The present earth got cursed due to Adam’s sin and we can see many unexpected events and pain, suffering here. But the new earth will be free from any kind of curse ( Revelations 22:3).

Night In heaven, there will be no darkness and no lamp or sun is needed. God will be there and his presence will give the light to the dwellers (Revelations 22:5).

Wicked People –   Only God’s faithful people will dwell in heaven. People who lived sinful life on this earth will not get a chance to dwell in heaven. People who worship idols, love to lie, murderers, and are sexually immoral will not be able to enter heaven (Revelations 22:15).

End –  When the righteous will inherit eternal life they will enjoy there in heaven forever. In this temporal world, we get everything for a specific period of time and we get nothing permanent. Jesus says that whosoever will keep his teachings and live according to them will be rewarded a life that will have no ending (Matthew 25:46, Revelation 22:5).

How Does The Bible Describe Heaven?

We cannot know heaven without the guidance of scripture. We often imagine heaven but we cannot clearly understand it until we read the Bible. There are several scriptures that describe heaven.   Let’s see how the Bible narrates heaven.

House  Jesus has told his disciples to believe in him. He also told them to wait for his second coming. He will prepare mansions for the faithful saints who will faithfully obey him. He describes heaven as a house for the believers who will completely live according to the will of God (John 14:2).

Kingdom   Jesus has narrated heaven as a kingdom where God’s obedient children will enter. Wicked people will not get any chance to enter into the kingdom (Matthew 25:34).

Abraham’s Bosom   Jesus says a parable concerning heaven and he described it as Abraham’s bosom. In the parable when the beggar died he went to Abraham’s bosom and he enjoyed his life there, on the other hand, the rich man suffered in hades (Luke 16:22,23).

Paradise  After the resurrection Jesus was caught up to heaven and it is mentioned as paradise. It is the place where God dwells and believers will also spend their eternity  (2 Corinthians 12:2,4).

Better Country God has prepared a better country for the believers where the righteous will live with God forever. This better country is the hope for the believers (Hebrews 11:10,16).

Holy City  John saw a vision where he mentioned heaven as a holy city that comes down from heaven (Revelations 21:2, 22:1-5).

Positive Characteristics Of Heaven

In Spite of some limitations, there are plenty of good things available in heaven. God has created heaven for a special purpose where his children will live with him forever. Jesus asked his disciples to look forward to heaven as it is a place where many facilities will be given for God’s obedient children. Let us see those facilities which will be provided in heaven.

Joy   There is joy in heaven while a sinner turns from his sin. Believers will experience joy while they will dwell with the Lord in heaven (Luke 15:7,10).

Rest  Heaven is a resting place for the believers. As long as we will be on this earth we have to work very hard to meet our needs but in heaven, we will take rest forever  (Revelations 14:13).

Peace  From the parable of the rich man and Lazarus we can learn that there will be peace in heaven (Luke 16:19-25).

Righteousness  According to God’s promise only the righteous men will inherit heaven (2 Peter 3:13).

Service  Those who will enter into the new earth will serve the Lord by day and night (Revelation 7:15).

Reward  Believers who will endure all types of persecution for the sake of Christ will be rewarded in heaven (Matthew 5:11,12).

Glory  Those who desire to receive sufferings for Christ will experience the glory in heaven (Romans 8:17,18).

Who Will Enter Heaven?

The Bible teaches us that God loves us all and he died for all. But man has some duty to inherit heaven. Though God called everyone few will be eligible to inherit his kingdom. Let us see who is worthy to enter heaven.

Righteous Believers must be righteous in order to enter into God’s kingdom. They must bear the righteousness of God to be worthy to stand before the Lord  (Matthew 5:20).

Changed  Those who will remain alive at the time of Jesus’s second coming will be changed and they will get a glorified body (1 Corinthians 15:51).

Saved  Heaven is the place for those who have received Jesus on this earth and lived a Christ-centered life. Everyone will not be worthy to enter heaven ( John 3:5,18,21).

Overcomers  To live in heaven one must overcome the world. Here on this earth, believers will face many temptations and they must overcome them in order to keep themselves holy in the sight of the Lord  ( Revelations 2:7,10,11).

Those Recorded  Jesus told his disciples not to rejoice for the spirits that they cast out but they must be glad as their names are recorded in heaven. Everyone will not be in heaven until their names are recorded (Luke 10:20).

Obedient  The followers of Jesus who will completely obey all the teachings of Jesus will be qualified to live with God in heaven ( Revelations 22:14).

Holy  To reach heaven believers need to live a holy life that will allow them to see the Lord in heaven ( Revelation 19:8).

Believers Present Attitude Toward Heaven

Jesus has called his disciples for a special purpose to win the lost souls. He also asked them to teach what he taught them concerning the kingdom of God. Heaven is a real place where God’s people will permanently live and enjoy their eternity. Every believer should ponder upon their final destination which is heaven. They should have a positive attitude towards heaven.

Given Foretaste of Heaven Stephen saw the glory of God in heaven while he was stoned to death (Acts 7:55-56).

Earnestly Desires Believers should have a clear concept that they have a permanent resting place that is heaven. They must desire to reach heaven as God called them for that purpose (2 Corinthians 5:2,8).

Looks For  The followers of Jesus must look forward towards f the second coming of Jesus which will enable them to enter his kingdom (2 Peter 3:12).

Consider Far Better Than Now  Paul said that he is eager to meet Christ in heaven which will be gained after his death. He understood that life in heaven will be far better than this earthly life ( Philippians 1:23).

Puts Treasure There  Believers should store their treasure in heaven by doing good works. Their works for Christ on this earth will bring them eternal security in heaven (Luke 12:33).

What Did Jesus Say About Heaven?

Most of the teachings of Jesus are for heaven. He teaches us so we can follow his words by which we will be worthy to meet the Lord in heaven. When Nicodemus came to meet him at night Jesus told him without the new birth none can enter God’s kingdom (John 3:3-5).

Jesus also claimed that he came from above and he knows every detail about heaven. His disciples believed him and they obeyed him till their death as they knew that they will be in heaven after their death.

After the resurrection, Jesus stayed forty days on the earth, and then he went back to heaven. He proved that there will be a resurrection and after which the righteous will inherit the everlasting place that is heaven.