What Did Jesus Say About Death In The Bible

Jesus Say About Death

Jesus the light of the world came on this earth to save man from the power of death. He has said so many things about death and what will happen to us after death. His words are extremely essential for each of us to know what is death, how it affects our lives, and how can we get rid of death and overcome it.

He has revealed his authority by waking Lazarus from the dead. He miraculously gave life to the dead. He made everyone astonished by his amazing work over dead. 

He has offered himself to deliver us from death and his followers also realized who he really was when they confronted him after his resurrection. Now we also have the same promise where we will be resurrected from death similarly to Jesus. 

To understand what is death and how can we be delivered from it, we need to give our ears to Jesus as he has made the way out of it. So let us look at what Jesus says about death.

What Did Jesus Say About Death

In the beginning, when the Lord created Adam and Eve, there was no death in their lives but their disobedience caused them to enter death in their body. The moment they ate the forbidden fruit, they were spiritually dead, and physical death also took place in their bodies.

We see how death came into man’s life. Spiritual death causes man to be separated from the Lord and the Physical death makes us leave this world after a specific period of time. We cannot increase our days on this earth.

Jesus came to give us a promise that we will see no death if we stick to his words. He asks us to follow him and repent for our sins and by obeying him our sins get forgiven through his blood. In him, we become a new creation and we start to walk in the newness of our life and we find ourselves a new person whom the Lord created in his own image.

By walking in Jesus’ teachings we can overcome death which reigns us in our human body. After our death, we will be resurrected at his second coming and enter into God’s kingdom to live forever. Thus we will overcome death. But those who will not obey Jesus’s words will be cast into the everlasting fire where they will remain far from God’s presence and suffer forever. 

So, we can say staying far from God’s presence is actually called death. Jesus told his disciples not to fear any man who can only destroy our physical body but we should fear who has the power to destroy both our body and soul. Jesus mentions that our death of the physical body is nothing as the spirit holds life (Matthew 10:28).

If we love Jesus and follow the words that he has given us then we will surely leave this earth but we will not die as he will give us a new body that will never decay and we will not experience the sufferings of death (John 8:51).

There was one family where Jesus used to visit. Lazarus, Mary, and Martha were the members of that family. Once Lazarus who was the friend of Jesus got sick and finally, he was dead. While Jesus heard it, he told his disciples that Lazarus is sleeping but they did not understand that Jesus was talking to them that Lazarus is no more. 

At that time Jesus was not with Lazarus so when he came, it was already four days late and Lazarus was in the tomb. But when Jesus called him by his name, Lazarus came out from the tomb (John 11)

So this act of Jesus teaches us that what we call death is actually sleep in God’s eyes. And Jesus can wake us up from our sleep And it will happen so at his second coming.

What Did Jesus Say About His Death And Resurrection

Jesus the Messiah of the world would give his own life for the salvation of the entire world was foretold by the prophet Isaiah in Isaha 53:12. Long ago it was in God’s mind that one day he will come to save his people by his own life. Many often say the father sent his son to save mankind but the actual matter is the father became the son to redeem us. Here the son of God means God incarnated in human form.

Jesus claims his existence in heaven and on earth at the same time (John3:13). The purpose of Jesus’s coming was to die on the cross to bring back his people into eternal life. Jesus prepared twelve followers to fulfill his mission and he taught them so many things concerning God, heaven, hell, and his death.

His disciples were failed to understand his death but his resurrection made clear what he told and the purpose of his coming.

Three times Jesus told his disciples about his death while he was talking with them.

The first time: He asked his disciples about what they think of himself at that time Peter replied that he is the son of the living God. During that time Jesus told them about the things that will happen to him. He narrated to them what will be done with him and finally, he will accept death to redeem the world (Matthew 16:21-23, Mark 8:31-32, Luke 9:21-22).

Second Time: Jesus told his disciples about suffering and death that will be done to fulfill the script just right after he was transfigured in the mountain where his disciples saw him in his heavenly glory. (Matthew 17:22-23, Mark9:30-32, Luke 9:43-45).

Third Time: Jesus told his disciples as they were heading towards Jerusalem for Passover. He told them what will happen to him. How the priest and scribes will treat with him and he will be crucified and rose on the third day (Matthew 20:17-19, Mark 10:32-34, Luke 18:31-34).

Jesus was aware of the things that will happen with him and according to His foreknowledge, he told his disciples everything. He also promised them to send the Holy Spirit in order to be with them in his bodily absence.

What Did Jesus Say About Life After Death

The invisible God manifested in Jesus and declared all the things that will take place after our death. The more we read the scripture more we get the truth. It is important for each of us to know what are the things that are waiting for us and how will we spend our time after death.

Once we miss the golden opportunity that we have we will regret it forever and will get no way to come back on this earth anymore. Jesus claimed his authority and gave his life to make us sure that he is the only way that leads us to have eternal life after we leave this temporary world.

John 3:16 says that God loves us so much and his love makes him humble to bear our sins on his shoulder. Those who will believe in Jesus will have eternal life. But unbelievers will perish in the lake of fire which the Lord made for them so they see God’s wrath for never-ending days.

There was an incident that took place in his crucifixion while one thief believed him as the Lord and repent for his sins. As a result of his repentance and faith in him, he was promised to reach paradise. Thus Jesus assured us that we will live even after we die (Luke 23:43).

Our life does not end with physical death rather physical death is the door of life that gives some eternal life and some eternal condemnation. Jesus makes it confirm by saying that those who lived a righteous life will have the resurrection of life in heaven and the wicked will have resurrection condemnation in hell (John 5:29).

We must trust Jesus as he came from above (John 3:13) and all his words are based on truth and righteousness.

At the death of Lazarus Jesus appeared as the resurrection because he gave his life back and Martha thought that her brother will rise on the day of resurrection. But Jesus made him alive and resurrected from his death. Thus he told that he is the resurrection and life (John 11:25).

Jesus told his disciples not to worry because they will live one day with the Lord.  They all will be meeting him in heaven and Jesus told them that he will go to prepare that place. Believers have a hope that they will live even after death as Jesus will come to take us in that new heaven where only righteous will dwell (John 14:3).

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