The Bible Women Story Of Rahab

Bible Women Story Of Rahab

There are many women who played a vital role in their times to deliver the children of God. Because of their help, God’s Plans were executed. In the Bible, we can find their names and their works by which they fulfilled the will of God.

Among them, Rahab, a harlot, is well known because of her great faith and a lie that helped Israel to enter into the city of Jericho. By telling a lie to the king’s people of Jericho, He saved the spies who were sent by Joshua.

At that time Jericho was a fortified city and the inhabitants were mighty. To defeat them Joshua sent two spies to get information about them to prepare for their invasion.

Rahab lived on the city wall and she survived by working as a prostitute. The strange thing that can shock us is that Jesus came from her lineage.

As the Lord promised Abraham that his descendants will inherit the land where they will defeat all the nations and he will be with them throughout their journey. So, Joshua was assigned to guide the children of Israel into the promised land. 

Israel was able to defeat the Canaanites by destroying the City of Jericho which was a stronghold to them. Rahab’s faithfulness and a lie helped Joshua to occupy the land smoothly.

Where The Story Of Rahab In The Bible

Though Rahab was a harlot, the Lord kept her contribution in the mind and inspired the writers of the Bible to mention her in his words so that everyone can learn the story.

In the Old Testament, the story of Rahab can be found in the book of Joshua 2-6. Another two New Testament books also mention Rahab in their writings and they are Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25.

Rahab Hid The Spies

After the death of Moses, the Lord appointed Joshua the son of Nun to lead the children of Israel into the promised land. Though it was not an easy task for him, the Lord encouraged him to execute this mission.

According to the will of the Lord, Joshua prepared himself to take the position of Moses.

So, he sent two spies to the city of Jericho to get some reports so that they could prepare themselves to attack them.

When those spies came into Jericho they reached the house of Rahab who was a harlot.

Many unknown people usually come to her because of her profession so the people of the king of Jericho got to know that the children of Israel came to visit their land.

Immediately the king sent his people into the house of Rahab to enquire about them. Rahab told them that yes, they came to me and they also left my house and if you pursue them then you will be able to catch them before they cross the Jordan.

The king’s people quickly ran towards the mountain where Rahab directed them to get the spies.

Rahab came to the roof where she gave shelter to the spies and she described to them how the people of Jericho are scared about them. They all have heard about their God and how they were delivered from Egypt, and how the kings were defeated before them.

Hearing such reports they are too afraid and that is why they are observing every stranger who is coming inside the city.

Rahab requested them to spare her family in the times of their arrival. She made them swear upon the name of the Lord so that she and her family would be saved from the wrath of God.

The children of Israel promised them that if she remained faithful by keeping the incident secret then she and her family would be free from them at the time of their invasion.

They told her that she must put the scarlet rope tied in her window and all her family members inside the house. If anyone stays outside the home at the time of their attack then they will not be responsible for their death.

The next morning Rahab told them to go through the mountain and to remain there for three days so that the king’s people would be returned and they would be able to go safely.

It happened so when the children of Israel attacked the city and the city wall fell under the instructions of God,  and Rahab and her entire family were saved because of her great faith in God and her assistance to the spies of Israel.

How Did Jesus Come From Rahab’s Lineage

Jesus is called the son of David and David was the descendant of Abraham.

Isaac was the promised son of Abraham and Sarah. Isaac was the father of Jacob. Jacob begot Judah and his brothers. Judah was the father of Perez and Zerah by Tamar. Perez gave birth to Hezron and Hezron was the father of Ram.

Ram begot Amminadab and Amminadab was the father of Nahshon. Nahshon was the father of Salmon. Salmon was the father of Boaz by Rahab. Boaz was the father Obed of Ruth, Obed begat Jesse and Jesse was well known for being the father of King David. 

Thus, Jesus, the savior of the world came on this earth through the family line of Rahab who was just a harlot. 

What Does New Testament Say About Rahab

The New Testament did not neglect to mention Rahab in its books. It boldly confessed that Jesus came from her lineage and by her, the world received its Messiah who ultimately sacrificed himself for the world.

Rahab believed the Lord of Israel when she heard that he set Israel free from Egypt, the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, and how they defeated two kings of  Amorites who were on the other side of Jordan, Sihon and Og. because of her faith on the Lord she and her family were saved.

There are many Christians who believe in Jesus but they do not act like Rahab. They are educated and have the privilege to read the Bible where they get more information about God. Still, they fail to live righteous life due to their insufficient faith in God.

Rahab just heard the miraculous works of the Lord of Israel and she believed that if I put my faith in him then I will be saved from upcoming destructions and it was so.

The author of the book of Hebrews urges its readers to have such faith as Rahab in order to be saved from the wrath of God  (Hebrews 11:31).

Many people believe in Jesus but they do not act according to his teachings. Rahab was delivered by her works, she did not remain idle just believing the Lord but she acted according to her faith.

As soon as the children of Israel left her house she tied the scarlet cord in the window.  The book of James encourages us to be a doer as Rahab who gave accommodations to those spies and her works helped to be saved (James 2:25).

Lesson From The Life Rahab

From the life of Rahab, we can learn many things which will help us to believe the Lord from our heart to set us free from his wrath which is yet to come at his second coming.

She earned money by doing a shameful act in her society and obviously she was not a respectable person. But the Lord always uses the weak one for his mission. 

Rahab remained faithful until the children of Israel defeated the children of Jericho and as a result of her faithfulness, she is considered a heroine in the Bible. 

We should also be faithful and loyal when people will assign us some task to do. If we do little tasks faithfully then we will receive its reward from God.

Rahab had a great faith by which she understood that the Lord is powerful and he will definitely destroy her city. In today’s time, we all know that Jesus will come again and after which we will be judged according to our works but still many of us are not living a godly life even knowing the truth.

To accommodate the spies she took a great risk and she knew that if the king of Jerich got to know that she gave them shelter then she would be punished to death. But still, she assisted them to lodge the night in her house. 

Sometimes when we receive Jesus people around us might harm us or they may persecute us but we must be faithful like a Rahab so that we can dwell with the Lord in heaven forever.

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