The Story of Moses in the Bible

Moses and The Burning Bush

The Life of Moses

Due to the severe famine, Jacob and his children went to Egypt. They settled in Goshen with their livestock. After the death of Joseph Israelites were fruitful and prolific. They became so numerous and mighty that the land was filled with them.

The new king did not know about Joseph, so the king and his people were afraid of Hebrews as they were large in number. It made them think that they might join their enemies in the time of war.

Pharaoh brought many tricks to subdue Hebrews. Taskmasters were set over the Hebrews to oppress them with forced labour. As a result they had to build cities of Pithom and Raamses. The more they tortured, the more they multiplied and grew.

In spite of all cruel efforts, Pharaoh saw that they are still increasing, he called two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah and ordered them to kill Hebrew male boys at the moment they were born.

The Israelites cried out to their LORD as the afflictions were extremely severe. The LORD heard their voice and prepared the way to take them out from the bondage of Egyptians.

To liberate these people God used Moses as a leader. Moses was a Hebrew but he brought in the Pharaoh’s palace.

Birth of Moses

The order of the king to kill male babies was in effect and very strong even though Shiphrah and Puah did not obey Pharaoh’s order, but the Israelites feared the king. During this time Moses took birth and he was to be thrown in the river Nile as it was ordered by Pharaoh. Moses’s mother made her effort to the greatest to save her son.

She hid Moses for three months from the sight of Egyptians. As Moses was growing up so it was difficult for her to hide him any longer. She made a basket out of papyrus so not to let the water get in and sink. She laid Moses inside the basket and put it on the bank of the river.

Moses’s mother did her best to protect him. His sister played a vital role by observing the container where little Moses was laid and looking forward to what would happen to innocent Moses.

Later on, Pharaoh’s daughter reached at the river to take a bath with her maidens, she saw the basket. She sent her maid to get that. The baby was crying as she opened the basket, she had mercy upon him even knowing he was a son of the Hebrews’ children.

Moses’s sister appeared at that scene again and offered herself to find a nurse for the baby. She brought her own mother to Pharaoh’s daughter to look after the little Moses. By appointing her mother in the house of the king she had done a wonderful job.

In fact it was an interesting event in the midst of perilous commandment, while Pharaoh expected the death of male child, his own daughter saved the life of Moses. Thus little Moses was rescued from death by these women. These women were the instruments of God, by their marvelous deeds Moses was saved. Ultimately he became the leader of Hebrews by whom God led His firstborn in the land where He promised to their ancestors.

Pharaoh’s daughter gave the name Moses as she drew him out of water. Moses was brought up in the king’s palace.

Moses in Midian

After Moses had grown up, he visited his kinsmen and experienced their forced labor with his own eyes. At that point, he saw an Egyptian striking a Hebrew. Looking around as there was none, he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.

Next day he went at that same place while two Hebrews were fighting. He asked one of them the reason for their fight but he replied, “Who has appointed you to judge and rule over us? Would you kill me as the you killed the Egyptian?  Moses became frightened knowing his affair had spread over the land.

He was sure that the news must have reached the Pharaoh and he Would sought him to kill. Immediately he left the place and fled in the land of Midian. Being tired, he was seated by a well and seven daughters of a priest came to draw water for their father’s flock. Some shepherds came to the spot and chased them away. Moses stood up and defeated them, also he watered their flock.

By helping them he managed to stay in that land and got married to Zipporah. They were blessed with a son. Moses named him Gershom as he had been a stranger in a foreign land.

Moses and The Burning Bush

After a few years when the king of Egypt passed away, the children of Israel groaned due to their miserable situation. They had no freedom, they were under the bondage of Egyptians that led them to cry out to the LORD.

God heard their voice and remembered the covenant that He made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

One day Moses was tending the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law. Leading the flock across the desert, he reached Horeb, the mountain of God. From the midst of a bush, an angel of the LORD appeared before him in a flame of fire. He was surprised to see that the bush, though on fire, was not consumed.

Moses made up his mind to go over the bush and to know the specific reason.  Then God called him out of the bush not to come near the bush. Moses was afraid to look at God. The LORD told him the cause of His revelation to him.

Ten Plagues of Egypt in the Bible

Ten plagues were brought in the land of Egypt by the powerful hand of God. There were some reasons for these miraculous plagues.

1.   God wanted to show His power to Egypt as well as the children of Abraham so they can fear Him and worship Him.

2.   These ten signs and wonders were performed by God to let the Egyptians know that the LORD of Israel is mighty than their gods.

3.  To reveal Himself before the nation Israel the LORD demonstrated His power over Egypt.

First Plague: Water Turned into Blood

Moses Water Turned into Blood

 As Pharaoh denied to let the Israelites go for the sake of the LORD, Moses was commanded to go early in the morning by the river bank to meet Pharaoh. He was also ordered to take the rod along with which was turned into a serpent. Moses was to alert the king that the fish would die, the river gonna stink.

Moses and Aaron did what God instructed them to do. The rod was stretched over the waters of Egypt which turned all the waters to blood including the river Nile. Egyptians did not drink the water as its stank.

The Egyptian magicians performed the same act by their evil practices. Pharaoh did not listen to Moses and Aaron. The Egyptians dug along the river Nile for the drinking water.

Second Plague: Frogs

After seven days passed Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. Then Moses again came to Pharaoh to warn him about the plague of frogs if he does not allow Israel to go and worship their God. But Pharaoh was indifferent toward Moses.

So the LORD commanded Moses to order Aaron for stretching  out the rod into the waters of Egypt. They did as the LORD said and all the land was filled with frogs including the palace of Pharaoh.

All the magicians also did the same with their black magic. But the entire Egypt was troubled with the frogs. To get rid of frogs , Pharaoh called Moses to pray to their God to give them relief from frogs and in return he will allow them to go.

Moses cried out to God to seize the frogs and the LORD answered Moses’s prayer. When Pharaoh saw that the land is free of frogs, he changed his mind and did not allow the Israelites to go to meet their God.

Third Plague: Gnats

Aaron stretched his rod on the ground and all the dust became gnats. Gnats came upon men and animals. This time the Egyptian magicians tried their best to do the same but they failed. They understood that it was the finger of God. But Pharaoh did not listen to them.

Fourth Plague: Flies

The LORD told Moses to meet Pharaoh early in the morning to warn him about the upcoming plague. Moses met Pharaoh by the riverside in the morning and awarded him the swarms of flies that would demonstrate the mighty hand of God.

Pharaoh refused God’s warning and as a result the entire egypt was covered by the flies. But this time God separated His people from the Egyptians, so the land of Goshen was free from the flies.

Finally, Pharaoh called Moses to ask God to abolish the flies from their houses. He agreed to send them for three days. But when the flies were away from Egypt, Pharaoh hardened his heart and refused them to go.

Fifth Plague: Livestock

This time the LORD brought a terrible plague upon the land of Egypt as Pharaoh did not let God’s people go for their sacrifice.

The next day all the animals of Egypt died including horses, camels, donkeys, and all the cattle. But the animals of Israel were alive.

Sixth Plague: Boils

Moses and Aaron took ashes from the furnace and in front of Pharaoh, Moses tossed it into the air which caused festering boils on men and animals throughout the land.

The magicians could not stand before Moses for the boils were on them and on all the Egyptians.

The LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, so he did not listen to them.

Seventh Plague: Hail

The severe rain with hail came down on Egypt by the hand of God. Thus natural calamity made Pharaoh fear Him.

Immediately he summoned Moses to take away the hail from his land. When the Egyptians were under the attack of hail, The land of Goshen was free from it.

Moses raised his voice to God to put an end of rain and hail. God answered Moses’s prayer. But the pharaoh again refused Israelites to leave.

Eighth Plague: Locusts

Moses stretched out his staff over Egypt and the Lord brought an east wind that blew across the land. By the morning the locusts came and invaded the land of Egypt and settled down all over the Egypt.

They made whole land black and devoured all that was left after the hail.

Pharaoh quickly called Moses and confessed his sin. He assured Moses that he will let his people go in the wilderness.

Ninth Plague: Darkness

According to the instruction of God Moses stretched out his hands toward the sky and darkness prevailed in the land of Egypt for three days. But in the land of Hebrews, there was light.

Pharaoh summoned Moses to get rid of darkness and he did the same like before. God hardened his heart again.

Tenth Plague: Death of Firstborn

The final plague was extremely severe that made Pharaoh to let Israel depart from Egypt. The LORD moved through Egypt and all the firstborn of man and animals were dead. But in the land of Goshen no one died. The LORD showed His power to Pharaoh.

Pharaoh’s son who was supposed to inherit the thorn also died and this compelled him to leave the Hebrews.

Ten Commandments in the Bible

Ten commandments were given by God to the nation Israel for their righteous living. On two stone tablets, these commandments were engraved.

You shall have no other gods before me: This is a prohibition against many gods. Israel was not to worship any of the gods of other nations but was instructed to fear Jehovah and serve only Him.

Use no carved image: Israel was God’s chosen nation. He commanded them not to put any kind of carved image before them. He is a jealous God. He knows the danger of putting images, pictures and statues.

Taking God’s name in Vain: The people of Israel should not take the name of the LORD to make a commitment. God’s name must be honored and respected as He is the Holy One.

Remember the Sabbath: God wanted His people to work everyday but on the seventh day , they should stay away from their works. They must consecrate before God on the seven day of the week.

Honor father and mother: Everyone should respect their parents. God commanded His chosen people to give respect to their father and mother. This must be put into practices in His people.

You shall not murder: God hates who kill people. No one should kill a man until God permits.

You shall not commit adultery: God strongly prohibited His people not to commit adultery. It is a great sin in the sight of the LORD.

You shall not steal:You shall not bear false witness: If anyone cheats someone or wrongfully deprives a person , he must face the judgement.

You shall not covet: God wants His people to be content whatever they have . They must not be greedy.

Death of Moses in the Bible

Moses died at the age of one hundred and twenty years. The LORD showed him the promised land where Israel will live but did not let him enter there. Moses died in the land of Moab and the children of Israel cried for thirty days in the plains of Moab.

What Did Moses Do in the Bible

Moses was a great leader of Israel who played a major role for the liberation of the Hebrews. God called him out to lead His people who served the Egyptians for four hundred years.

The LORD used Moses in various ways to redeem the children of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh.

How Did Moses Die in the Bible

Moses died by the commandment of God. God did not allow him to enter the promised land. God buried him in a valley of Moab.

Why is God Called Moses

God called Moses to guide the children of Israel into the promised land. Moses was faithful and acted what the LORD told him to do. Leading a nation from Egypt to another land was not an easy task.

How Old was Moses

Moses was eighty years old when God called him. He died at the age of one hundred and twenty years.

Why is Moses Important in the Bible

The LORD made a promise to Abraham that He would make a great nation from him and they will live in Canaan. When Joseph was in Egypt, a severe famine covered the area. So Jacob and all his descendants moved to Egypt. After the death of Joseph, when the new Pharaoh came into power, he did not know about Joseph. He found the numerous Hebrews that caused them to be afraid.

To subdue them , Pharaoh tortured them. At this point of time , the children of Israel cried out to God and God heard their voice. To bring them out into the land of Canaan, God used Moses as a leader of this mission.

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