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Life Of Noah

Noah was a righteous man who walked with God in his time while others lived a sinful life. Because of him, the Lord restrained himself to destroy the entire human race from the earth. 

Lamech the father of Noah might have perceived that the comfort that would come to the world through Noah’s line, the Lord Jesus Christ

The name Noah means “rest”. Lamech was one hundred and eighty-two years old when Noah was born (Genesis 5:28-29).

Since the days of Noah the lifespan of man has decreased. 

Noah had three sons and they were Shem, Ham and Japhet (Genesis 5:32).

The earth was filled with the man and women. But their works and thoughts were evil. So the Lord is determined to leave them and they will be destroyed by the flood after one hundred and twenty years.

The Lord found that the earth was filled with the wickedness of man and it was great and he felt sorry as he had created man by his own image. As he was planning to abolish mankind from the earth, his eyes came upon Noah. 

During that time Noah found grace in the sight of the Lord as he was a righteous man amongst the evil people. only Noah was perfect before God while the rest was corrupted and the earth was filled with crime and evildoers.

Noah was commanded to build an ark of gopher wood. He was instructed to build rooms inside the Ark and to cover its inside and outside with pitch.

The Lord also informed him that the length of the earth will be three hundred cubits and its width fifty cubits and its height would be thirty cubits.

The ark should be built with lower, second, and third decks. There would be a window and door in the ark.

And the Lord told that he will bring the flood upon the earth to wash away the entire mankind and all the animals of the earth.

The Lord also told him that after the flood he will make a covenant with him by which the earth will be covered with men and animals like before.

The Lord asked Noah to bring two of every sort of animal and birds into the ark to keep them alive with him and they must be male and female so that after the flood they can cover the earth by their species. 

The Lord finally told Noah to take food to eat in the ark as the mighty flood will hit the earth. Noah obeyed the Lord and he did what the Lord asked him to do.

When the flood came upon the earth Noah and his family members entered into the ark and they also took the birds and animals according to their species as the Lord had commanded him earlier. 

The rain continued for forty days and nights and the whole earth was filled with water and everyone outside the ark was finally found dead. Those who wore inside the ark remained saved.

After the heavy rain, the waters prevailed on the earth for one hundred fifty days. After which God remembered Noah and his family and he made a wind to pass over the earth and the waters subsided.

Until the final sending of the dove from the ark Noha and his family did not come out but when the dove did not come back into the ark then they understood that they could now get out from the ark.

Noah built an altar for the sake of the Lord and he took every clean animal and every clean bird and offered burnt offerings to the Lord and the Lord took the soothing aroma and he told in his heart that he will never curse this ground for man’s sake.

Rainbow was given as a symbol of remembering his oath and when it will rain by seeing the rainbow the Lord will remember his promise that he made.

Noah’s grandfather Methuselah was the oldest man recorded in the Bible. He lived nine hundred and sixty-nine years old( Genesis 5:27).

Noah’s father Lamech lived seven hundred and seventy seven years(Genesis 5:31).

Noah lived nine hundred  and fifty years(Genesis 9:29).

Noah was six hundred years old during the time of flood(Genesis 7:6).

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