The Life, And Story Of Ahasuerus With Esther- In The Bible

Story Of Ahasuerus

Ahasuerus was the king over the land of Persia and while he was on the throne, the entire Persia flourished. He is well known because God used him to deliver his people from their enemy’s attack.

In the third year of his kingship, Ahasuerus offered a great banquet to show the royal glory to all of his people.  During the celebration program once he lost himself due to the consumption of wine and he asked queen Vashti to show her beauty before all the men. But queen Vashti did not listen to the King as it was against the rule of Persia to show the face of a woman before other men.

The denial of Vashti made her lose her position. So the king was in search of a new woman whom he desired to honor as the queen for his kingdom.

Esther Was Chosen As Queen For Ahasuerus

In those days a large part of Jews lived in Shushan whose forefathers were carried captive into that land when Nebuchadnezzar was the king. Mordecai was one of the Jews who looked after a young girl Esther who lost her parents at an early age. 

When Esther grew up under the guidance of Mordecai, she looked beautiful and was polite. Because of her beauty, she won the heart of the king and became the queen of king Ahasuerus.

Ahasuerus Was Saved By Mordecai 

Mordecai was the king’s gateman and one day he heard that two of the king’s eunuchs desired to kill king Ahasuerus. 

Immediately he reached the information to Esther and she warned the king about his life. When an investigation was made upon the issue, the incident was proved and those eunuchs got punished to death. Thus, the king was saved by Mordecai.

Followed  Haman’s Intrigue

Afterward, King Ahasuerus advanced Haman’s power over all the princes. He also ordered everyone to pay homage to Haman. But Mordecai refused to bow his head before Haman which made him extremely angry. So, he decided to destroy all the Jews at a time with the decree by the king. To fulfill his desires he brought false accusations against the Jews to the king.

Allowed Haman To Annihilate The Jews

The king had issued the decree to annihilate all the Jews as Haman had led him. But he did not know that Haman was the main culprit. He just trusted him and acted according to the intention of Haman.

When the decree was issued to kill all the Jews throughout all the provinces, the children of Israel were perplexed and hopeless.

 Responded To Esther’s Plea 

One of the most interesting facts is that King Ahasuerus loved Esther so much that he agreed to give half of his kingdom to Esther when she entered his inner court without having the golden scepter.

Esther stood on behalf of her people so the king may change his decree. The king has assured her that whatever she would ask for will be given to her. 

Ahasuerus Ordered To Hang Haman

On the second day of the banquet, Esther revealed her plea before the king and she blamed Haman who made a plan to take her life. When the king understood all the plans of wicked Haman, he ordered his people to hang Haman on the gallows that he made for Mordecai. 

Advanced Mordecai’s Position

After the death of Haman, The King got to know how Mordecai raised Esther and brought her up even in such a foreign culture. He came to know that Mordecai was a perfect man and he also was saved by him once. So, he promoted Mordecai over all the provinces of Shushan. 

 Ahasuerus’s Wise Plan That saved The Jews 

Though Haman was no more, the decree was effective in the land to kill the Jews. To save her people Esther asked the king to think about them so that they may not perish. 

As king, Ahasuerus loved Esther so he had brought another decree by which the Jews got the authority to protect themselves from their enemies.  This was a brilliant idea from the king to satisfy her beloved queen.

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