7 Things That Help To Overcome Evil With Good in This World?

Overcome Evil

To Walk In The Path Of Righteousness We Need To Overcome Evil With Good. As We Are Living In The Sinful World.

As we are the children of living God, we know that one day we will meet him. But as long as we are on this sinful earth always we are in the midst of evil. Sometimes we fail to walk in the path of righteousness but we need to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ has lived a righteous life on this earth.

The Bible tells us that Satan is the ruler of this earth but still we need to remember that the lord is powerful and his guidance is always with us to overcome evil. Jesus told us that till the end of this universe he will be with us. If we believe him we can live a godly life, through our adversary the devil walks around us to devour(1Peter 5:8).

The Bible is warning us not to involve ourselves in evil practices because one day we all have to stand before the judgment of the Lord,  so, we should not live an unrighteous life. From the very beginning, the devil is provoking the children of God to commit sin. To destroy the works and power of the devil the lord appeared on this earth (1John 3:8).

Effects of Evil

Effects of Evil

Because of our Evil doings, we became sinners in the eyes of the Lord and our relationship with him has broken. If we look at the time of Noah we can find that everyone has left his ways except Noah and his family. The lord felt sorry for his creation and he punished them by bringing the flood into the world which devastated those sinful people.

Now we are living in the grace period and the  Lord has shown his mercy to us by giving his life on the cross.  But his wrath is waiting for the unrighteous people who are away from his teachings and those who still live under the sin will inherit hell where the punishment will never end.

We all have sinned against the lord and fall short of the glory of him (Romans 3:23). We cannot deliver ourselves from the effects of sin because the lot himself will judge us. Our sin will lead us toward death as the wages of sin death(Romans 6:23).

Because of evil, God’s wonderful creation has spoiled. And the entire human being is separated from the presence of the lord.

Ways to Getting Rid of Evil

Ways to Getting Rid of Evil

We can overcome this evil with the help of some tools. The Lord has given us some ways which will help us to get rid of Evil. But we are the natural human being, we cannot overcome Evil by our own knowledge, power, and authority. We should depend on the lord to get rid of it. Let us follow these to avoid evil.



We should love each other because it is the commandment of Lord Jesus Christ. Our love should be without hypocrisy which means genuine. We must put away all the evils from us and we need to practice all the good things. 

We should have the heart to understand others’ problems and we must love others as our family members. The Lord wants us to care for others by doing so we can please him.  

Once we were sinners and the lord himself loved us and made the way of salvation by giving his life on the cross. We can see that he loves us genuinely and unconditionally. we have to follow him to love others.  If we can love others then we can build a healthy relationship.

The Bible tells us that love covers all our faults. If we love others then we can be able to forgive them.  We cannot deny the love of God upon us.


We are the follower of Jesus Christ and we should remember that he is the prince of peace. He left the peace on earth so that we can live peacefully. He wants us to live in peace with our family members as well as with our neighbors. (Isaiah 53:5) says that the lord was pierced for our transgressions and he was crushed for our iniquities and by him, we received the peace.

By living a peaceful life, we can avoid evil. Being a child of God, it is important for us to live peacefully with others. If we quarrel with others without any reason then we will definitely fall into temptation and that will lead us to death.


We should be kind to one another and by doing that we can make fellowship with others.  If we show kindness to others then we can win the hurts of others.  Jesus himself showed us kindness and because of that, we became righteous. We must be kind to our enemies and by doing that we can forgive them.

It is our priority to forgive others because Jesus taught us to love others.  If we are kind enough then we can easily overcome evil from us.

We need to remember that we are strangers on this earth and our final destination is in heaven.  If we live here in God’s will then one day we will inherit the kingdom of God.


The Bible tells us that we cannot walk with the Lord until we become holy. The Lord himself is holy and He requires us to be holy. We must maintain holiness in our Christian lives. The world will know Jesus by our behaviors toward them.

By living a holy life, we can glorify the Lord among the unbelievers. The teachings of the Bible are unique. If we completely obey the word of God and maintain holiness then the people of our surroundings will have the interest to know about Jesus.

In our words, dress, and actions holiness must take place. If we neglect to live a holy life, then we will have to pay the consequence for it. We should separate ourselves from the world to live a holy life.


It is important to be faithful in our Christian life. There are so many Christians who are not faithful in their lives. We should know that if we faithfully accomplish something then the Lord will use us and appoint us for his ministry.

We have to control our fleshly desires to avoid temptations. Many of us often face temptations from various corners of our lives but we need to trust in the lord and in his ways. If we change our mind and follow the world, leaving Jesus then we will get the punishment on the day of judgment.

From the life of Judas Iscariot, we can learn a lesson. He was among the twelve disciples of Jesus. He had experienced all the mighty works of Jesus and heard the sermons from the lord but still, he betrayed. At last, he committed suicide while he made out his mistake. We can easily overcome evil if we live faithfully.



Prayer is the key to the Christian life. We should take it seriously because only through prayer we can connect with the lord. Jesus himself used to pray while he was on the earth. When we pray, the Lord hears us and he replies to us on time.

We are advised to pray constantly as the devil is walking around us like a roaring lion to devour. In our prayer, we should praise God, and we need to seek his guidance in our life. If the lord guides us then we can easily overcome evil. The word of God encourages us to pray to the lord to get through hardships and troubles.

Many Christians often complain that we are not getting any blessings from the lord. We need to ask ourselves, “Do we really pray ?”. Most of the time we spend our days with worldly things and we forget to pray.

The Word of God

The Word of God

To overcome evil,  we need to read, study, and meditate on the word of God. The Bible says that we are in the midst of the battlefield and our enemy is always trying to destroy us. It is necessary to remember the scriptures to defeat the devil.

When Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, he encountered the scriptures and defeated the devil. This incident teaches us that we too will face such temptations in our life and we will be delivered only through the word of God.

The Bible says that man shall not live by bread alone. But by every single word of God man will live. We have to grow spiritually in Christ and for that, we need to equip ourselves with the scriptures. So, we need to be serious in our spiritual life so that we can overcome every temptation in our lives.

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