How Many People Saw Jesus After His Resurrection

On Resurrection Day

The resurrection of Jesus had established the faith in the hearts of his disciples that he was God. His resurrection made his disciples think differently which led them to evangelize the good news to the world. In the history of mankind, Jesus taught a new lesson that our real-life will begin after physical death.

When Jesus was caught by the soldiers at that time all of his disciples left him alone and Peter who loved him most also ran away for the sake of his own life. Earlier, they heard from Jesus about his suffering, death, and resurrection, yet they did not understand everything that he told them concerning himself.

It is hard to believe the teaching of resurrection as we do not see in today’s time. But the Bible clearly teaches us that there is resurrection for each of us and it will be so at the second coming of Christ.

The resurrection of Jesus has proved that he was God in the flesh who came to die once for the deliverance of the entire human race from the bondage of sin (Romans 3:23-24). At his suffering and crucifixion, all of his beloved disciples left him even though they loved him who spent much time with him, and heard about the kingdom of God.

The death of Jesus made the disciples scattered and hopeless but his resurrection assembled them together with new hope and happiness. Three times Jesus came before his disciples before his ascension to heaven. Apart from his disciples he also showed himself to many other people after his resurrection.

On resurrection day  Mary Magdalene; Mary, the mother of James; Peter; two disciples who were traveling to Emmaus; and eleven disciples of Jesus except Thomas had witnessed the resurrected Jesus.

Mary Magdalene 

The first person whom Jesus had shown himself after his resurrection was Mary Magdalene. She was the woman who was possessed by seven demons and Jesus cast those demons out of her.

As soon as she went to tell this news to other disciples, they did not believe her (Mark 16:9-11).

Mary Magdalene, Joanna And Mary The Mother of James

On that day early in the morning while two Mary were walking towards the grave and talking about how to remove the stone from the grave and after reaching there they found that the body of Jesus was missing. 

Just beside them, they found two young men who wore white garments and asked them why are you searching for him in the midst of dead bodies.  They told them to recall what Jesus foretold them before his death that he will meet his disciples near Galilee.

With fear and happiness, they were running towards the disciples to tell them about the incident that they have witnessed. While they were on the way at that time Jesus appeared before them and encouraged them to rejoice.

Both women immediately understood that  He is their risen Jesus and they touched his feet and worshipped him.

Jesus subsided their fear into gladness and told them not to fear anymore.  He also told them to inform his brothers to go to Galilee as he was going to meet them there (Matthew 28:8-10).


Though Peter hid when Jesus was being caught, still he loved him so when he heard the news that Jesus had risen. Immediately he ran to the tomb to witness the body of Jesus. 

He found the empty tomb with the linen clothes of Jesus. He was wondering about that and desired to meet the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the two disciples of Emmaus returned to Jerusalem to tell what happened to them at that time the disciples of Jerusalem told them that Peter had also met the risen Christ (Luke 24:34)

Two Disciples On The Way To Emmaus 

There were two disciples who were returning from Jerusalem to Emmaus and had also met the risen Lord. When they were talking about the sufferings and death of Jesus at that time Jesus also joined their conversation as a stranger. 

Afterward, he also made them understand that from the time of Moses and throughout all the prophets had directed himself. And when he broke the bread at the table at that time they understood that he was Jesus (Luke 24:13-32).

The Disciples Excluding Thomas 

On the first day of the week, after the resurrection, Jesus met with his disciples while they were afraid of Jews and sat together in a room while the door was shut. But Thomas was not there at that time. Jesus proved to them what he told has now been proven by showing them himself. 

He also asked them to keep peace among them. And they were also assured by Jesus about the Holy Ghost which they will be receiving soon. In that gathering of his disciples, Thomas was not there (John 20:19-25).

The Disciples Including Thomas 

Thomas did not believe that Jesus was raised from the dead. When other disciples told him that Jesus came to them and ordered them to keep the peace, Thomas was required to touch the hands of Jesus which were nailed. 

Eight days later again Jesus manifested himself before his disciples and this time Thomas was there and he touched Jesus and believed him from that moment (John 20:26-31).

The Seven Disciples By The Sea Of Galilee 

The third time Jesus came to meet his disciples where they were on the seashore. Jesus had breakfast along with them. He also showed another miracle by telling them to cast the net and eventually the net was full of around one hundred and fifty-three (John 21).

To Over 500 Believers 

Apart from his disciples and two Mary, Jesus also appeared in front of five hundred people who believed in Jesus. Paul mentioned this incident in his letter to encourage the believers to trust Jesus in order to achieve eternal life (1 Corinthians 15:7).


Jesus also met his half-brother James after his resurrection. His risen body was a glorified body and it was different from ours. James had trusted Jesus as the living God after seeing him.

Paul also encourages believers to trust the gospel as the resurrection of Jesus proves that we will also be resurrected from death (1 Corinthians 15:7).

The Disciples On The Mount Of Olives 

Jesus stayed forty days after his resurrection on this earth. He met with his disciples again on the mount Olives and ordered them to wait until they received the Holy Spirit.

Jesus commanded them to gather in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came upon them which empowered them to bear the gospel to the world. 

Jesus ascended to heaven after this meeting with his disciples (Acts 1:3-12)

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