Meaning of Romans 6:23- The Wages Of Sin Is Death

Meaning of Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

Many people around us who do not know Jesus are still walking in sin and the scripture says that they are going to experience eternal death. We can know what sin is only when we receive Jesus as our personal savior.

The Bible teaches us that our physical body is created by the dust of the ground and after death, it will go to the dust again. But we must remember that we are also created in the image of God which means our soul came from the Lord and at death, it will return to him.

Now we cannot see what will happen after death, but if we believe Jesus and his words then we will be able to know about the incidents that will take place. 

As long as we will be on this earth, we have the opportunity to get into heaven where we will live with the Lord forever. But if we miss the golden chance by our indifference then we have to face the dire consequence.

Why The Wages Of Sin Is Death?

The Lord seeks righteousness and holiness from his people. He is a holy God who does not allow unholiness in his presence. Holiness is the very nature of God. He created  Adam and Eve in his image and commanded them to obey his instructions. He also told them that the day they will disobey him will see death.

But they were deceived by Satan and ate the fruit which God told them not to eat. In this way they allowed sin to enter into the human race and everyone became corrupted due to their transgression.

In today’s time, we all are separated from God which means we are spiritually dead. We cannot reach God by our efforts.

In this chapter Paul describes how we get the grace of God which leads us to eternal life. We are called to live a holy and righteous life so that we will be able to wash away our sins by baptizing with Christ Jesus.

It is a great chance for every human being to save himself from the wrath of God which is about to come at the second coming of Jesus.

Jesus has suffered and died once and took the sin of the entire human race on the cross by sacrificing his life. He made the way for us to get rid of the power of sin which separates us from God.

Those who will not trust Jesus in this life will be thrown into the lake of fire as everlasting punishment. There will be no more hope and chance to be free from such severe punishment. 

The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life

The main purpose of Jesus’s crucifixion on the cross was to enable the way for mankind to get eternal life. It is a free gift from God that we cannot earn by our good works.

God loves us that is why he emptied himself and took the form of man and died on the cross in our place. Actually, we were to be suffered in hell due to our sin, but his grace seeks our deliverance from eternal punishment.

When we were His enemies, at that time He showed His amazing love by shedding his blood on the cross. The Bible says that He has bought us by his own blood. 

We were blind and dead in sin and had no knowledge of righteousness. Our destination was hell as we all are affected with sin that we inherited from Adam. 

Because of Adam’s sin, this earth also received God’s wrath. People are seeking peace and joy from this earth but none is successful to achieve that. 

Jesus says that we shall be received a glorified body and live with him in the new earth where wicked will not get any position. 

People who will fail to receive Jesus as their God will be facing eternal life in hell. But the children of God will also receive eternal life where they will reign with Christ forever. 

We cannot gain eternal life in heaven by living a sinful life. To enter into God’s kingdom we must wash away our sins with the blood of Jesus who once paid it on the cross.

Eternal life is a free gift from the Lord for the human race out of his love. His love always seeks man’s fellowship with him and on the other hand his holiness wants immediate separation from mankind. 

He fulfilled those two requirements by sacrificing his life on the cross and enabled us to reach the Lord by trusting Jesus. 

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