Meaning Of Philippians 4:6 – Be anxious for nothing

Meaning Of Philippians 4:6

This is one of the most comforting Bible verses that strengthen the children of God when they are burdened with their troubles. In his writing to the people of Philippians, Paul wrote this verse to encourage the church members to depend on the Lord in the times of trials and temptations.

This letter was written by Paul when he was in prison. He had gone through many persecutions because of the gospel that he preached. But nothing could stop him from praising the Lord even when he was sent to prison. Though he was sentenced to spend his life in prison, he did not stop encouraging believers.

If we pay special heed to this verse then we will find something amazing that Paul wanted us to gain to obtain a better knowledge of Jesus.

Christians Should Be Anxious For Nothing

Paul urged the Christians not to fear anything because the world is unable to stop them from meeting the Lord. When someone becomes a true follower of Jesus Christ, he becomes the enemy of the world. The same people who were his friends, now they turn up like his enemies.

Romans 8:35 says that nothing can separate us from the Lord. If God is with us then we are the most powerful creature on this earth.  In Matthew 28:20 Jesus told his disciples that till the end of this earth he will be with us. He will never leave his people orphaned.

Christians should not be afraid of this world as the Lord is in control of everything. He will allow the things that he wants to happen on this earth. The scripture says that his plans are beyond man’s comprehension. He will not bring anything that would be unbearable to his children (1 Corinthians 10:13).  

In Everything By Prayer and Supplication, With Thanksgiving

Paul experienced God’s goodness in his life. He knew that his present trials will not last long but the pain that he gained in preaching the gospel will be recovered when he will receive the rewards from the Lord.   

He requested his readers to have a Christ-centered life. If one receives Jesus but does not live according to what Christ says then very soon he will lose his hope and give up the faith.

Accepting and believing Jesus is very easy but it is different to obey his commandments. In this case, Paul gave a solution to the believers that they need to have a spirit-filled life that would motivate them to spend their time in prayer to the Lord.

In Christian life,  prayer plays a vital role and its significance is huge. While Jesus was on this earth, he spent many sleepless nights in prayer. Paul also faced many trials and temptations after following Jesus, but he himself defeated such hindrances only through prayers and supplications.

Instead of fearing the future and unprecedented events that come to mind, should be avoided by prayer.  Jesus also spent many hours in prayer before his crucifixion. Prayer enables us to see what was unseen, it helps to hear what was unheard earlier.

Paul reminded the believers to give thanks to the Lord for every situation they are in. Being in prison, he did not forget to praise the Lord. He knew the value of thanking God every time. The Lord provides us everything and he created this beautiful earth for us to live in. He deserves the praises, so we must thank him even when we are in great trouble.

Let Your Requests Be Made Known To God

Paul taught that all the requests must be made to the Lord. Because he alone is capable of solving the problems and he can help his people to deliver from their hardships.

In the first part, Paul says not to fear for nothing but he also added to make the thoughts known to the Lord. Sometimes, we may seem that our situations are so hard to overcome, but the scripture tells us to depend on the strength of God.

While the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, at that time they were hopeless when they stood before the Red Sea. The Israelites had no way to rescue themselves from the mighty hands of Egyptians but the Lord did great miracles by dividing the Red Sea and made a way for their crossing.

In the Christian life, God deals with his children in the same manner.  He sometimes tests the faith and he reveals the reward at last. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul requested his readers to be brave and courageous so that they may not give up their hope of eternal life. 

God knows what his children need but still, he wants them to seek from him. By this, he understands how much his people love him. Christians should inform every good and evil thing the Lord that they face in the day to day life.

Actually, the Lord desires to walk with his people every day. If they stop talking with the Lord, it hurts him. So, it is wise to share all activities with God. As he loves us and wants to take our burden upon his shoulder (1 Peter 5:7).

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