Meaning of Hebrews 9:27 – It Is Appointed For Men To Die Once

Meaning of Hebrews 9:27

This verse teaches us that we all have to die once on this earth and after which we will be standing before the Lord for the judgment.  Actually, this verse has a connection with Christ’s sacrificial act that was done on the cross. Christ once died for the entire human race to deliver them from the power of sin.

In the Old Testament, the sin of the Israelites was to be washed away by the blood of sacrificial animals. But Jesus came as the High Priest and gave his blood for the whole world to be redeemed.

The bridge which was broken in the garden of Eden by Adam and Eve is now restored by the blood of Jesus. He became the mediator between man and God to reform the relationship that the Lord planned before.

The blood of Jesus made a new covenant that allows the sinful world to come before the Lord with a repentant heart to gain eternal life. Once Jesus paid the cost of sin on the cross and he will come again to take his people along with him.

 How It Is Appointed For Men To Die Once? 

To understand it we need to go back into the book of Genesis where the Lord forbade Adam and Eve that “the day you will eat the fruit which I told you not to eat, will die”.

When the Lord created man in his image, at that time there was no death in the life of man. But man’s disobedience allowed death to enter the human race. 

When the Lord came to know that Adam and Eve violated his guideline, without making any delay he threw them from his presence. Thus they were spiritually dead and death took place in their physical bodies.

When God made them in his image, they were to be lived forever and death has no power over them. Because death was not there until they transgressed against the Lord.

Because of their sin, death has entered our bodies and now it has been ruling over us. 

Our physical body came from the dust of the earth and the soul that we have received from the spirit of God. When we die, our physical body goes to the earth and our soul reaches to the Lord. 

Actually, this is not the real death, because according to the scripture the real death is when we will be thrown into the lake of fire and we will suffer there forever.

What Does It Mean By  ‘After This The Judgment’?

There are several scriptures in the Bible that speak about the judgment that will take place at the end of this universe.

Even Jesus also depicted the incidents of judgement in his parables.

In this world, we have the authority to choose our decision but at the time of judgment, we will have no power because Jesus himself will judge us according to our works that we are doing here.

After our physical death, we all have to stand before the judgement of God and none will be able to escape from that final judgement. 

Everyone will be resurrected from death and will be transformed and the remnant will also be transformed with a glorified body in the twinkling of an eye.

Many times Jesus warns his disciples about the dire consequences of the judgment because the righteous will be separated and they will live forever in heaven and the unrighteous will inherit the everlasting life in hell where they will suffer forever.

So, we have the privilege to decide where we would like to go after our death. Because judgment is real and we will have no more second chance to come back on this earth to wash away our sins.

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