Meaning Of – All Good Things Come From God – Psalm 16:2

All Good Things Come From God

From the Bible, we can learn that in the beginning, the Lord created the earth and all the things of it. At the time of creation, God says that everything was perfect when he created them by his wisdom and power.

God himself is a holy God and he demands everyone to be Holy to stand before him. When Jesus lived on this earth he always acknowledged the father and he also says that God is sinless and perfect.

The things that we get from God are perfect and good for us. When we look at the world we can see so many things which are imperfect and we become sinners by involving ourselves in those worldly things.

We must have the knowledge of God and that will help us to know why God demands us to run after perfection.

We should not run after these worldly things because we will fall into a trap with them.  But we must seek the things which God has given us for our spiritual benefits. We need to remember that all good things come from him.

If we neglect his blessings that he gives us free then we have to suffer one day and we will have no way to get rid of those sufferings.

The Bible says that we are sinful men and we are the descendants of Adam and Eve,  that is why we bear the sin with us since our birth.

So, all the things that are available and visible on this earth which were created by human beings are not perfect because we are not perfect like God.

We should take care of our soul as we will stand before the judgment of the Lord so we must be busy with the things of the Lord which are perfectly created for our usage.

Jesus also teaches his disciples to follow him so that they can become gentle, humble, and obedient to God. 

As a child of Most High God we must walk with him to receive his blessings in our lives. We will understand him as we will dedicate ourselves for his name’s sake. 

Even when we were sinners, we were lost and had no hope to reach heaven but the Lord showed his grace from heaven by sending his son Jesus on the earth to give us salvation.

This is the best gift that we can receive from him by putting our faith in Jesus.  Many will not believe Jesus due to their indifference and selfishness but one day everyone has to give an account of their life before Jesus.

Solomon experienced that nothing can help us from the wrath of God as everything is naked before God’s eyes. He understood that all worldly possessions will have no use at the time of judgment.

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