But Seek First His Kingdom And His Righteousness Meaning

Matthew 6:33 Meaning

Man has been attempting to fulfill his needs since the beginning of time, yet he has not been entirely successful. Despite the fact that he has many brilliant ideas for resolving all of his problems, he is unsatisfied. He is still attempting to live in a tranquil state, but he is constantly confronted with difficulties throughout his life.

When God created man in his image and placed him in the Garden of Eden, it was not like today. Because of man’s flimsy faith, he was compelled to bear the Lord’s curse. Now that the earth is cursed by God, it is difficult to obtain anything readily (Genesis 3:17-19, 23-24).

He must concentrate on surviving in a difficult environment now that he has lost his privileged status. Man has worked exceedingly hard in today’s society to bring food to his table, to clothe himself, and to provide a safe refuge for his life.

Man has to think about his shelter, food, and cloth as he is separated from the Lord. But Jesus says whosoever will follow him and keep his ways will not have to think those above things which are extremely needed for man.

Jesus reminded his disciples that they are extremely valuable in God’s eyes, far more valuable than any other creature. He instructed his disciples to seek God’s kingdom first, and then all of the other materials would be given to them.

Though man has forgotten God, he still remembers his creation, and his love for it caused him to deny his lofty position and come to this earth to restore mankind to its former status. In order to accomplish so, Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross, paving the way for man’s salvation.

Seek First The Kingdom Of God Meaning

The Lord demands man to seek his kingdom first to be blessed in every aspect of his life. Jesus asked one question to his disciples in Matthew 16:26 what can a man give in return for his soul?

Jesus describes the value of a man’s soul that cannot be exchanged with anything. Often people just ignore the importance of their souls that they got from the Lord. 

With the knowledge of the importance of the soul, man must proceed to seek God’s kingdom which is eternal. People around us are very busy with this world and they are indifferent to think of God’s kingdom. 

In Romans 12:2 Paul asked the believers not to follow this world rather they should live for the Lord. It is man’s duty to put God first in his life and seek heaven where he will dwell permanently after his death.

In Philippians 3 Paul narrated his goal and how he hoped the kingdom of God to achieve. He understood this world is rubbish and it could not give him anything better. He realized that truth with the knowledge of Jesus.

God wants to live with man and he asked him to ponder about heaven where the righteous will live forever. It is man’s part to wash from his iniquities by the precious blood of Jesus.

He must obey the salvation plan as it is recorded in the book of Acts. So, man will be blessed by the Lord, the moment he turns from sin and seeks God’s kingdom in his life.

And His Righteousness

God has made many promises since he created man. He also asked the man to follow his righteousness by obeying his commandments. To become a sinless man, the Lord has given many laws in the old Testament. But man failed to wash away his sins so at last God showed his mercy and gave himself for the sake of the entire human being.

God revealed Himself in the flesh of Jesus and walked with man and gave many good lessons so man can be turned from his sinful acts. Jesus teaches his disciples to serve God with a whole heart which means to put God above all. When a man does so and lives according to the will of God, he feels the changes and becomes a new creation in Christ. 

God is righteous and he demands man to follow his nature so that he can be able to communicate with them. Everyman should follow God’s righteousness in their lives to receive God’s blessings and mercy throughout their lives.

God’s holiness demanded him to be disconnected while Adam and Eve committed sin. God is just and he cannot allow any action that violates his attributes. So, God wants man to walk in righteousness in order to have fellowship with him. 

In this grace period, God has shown his mercy upon mankind so they can understand his righteousness and save himself from the upcoming wrath that is waiting for the unrighteous man.

All These Things Shall Be Added To You

Jesus assures his disciples not to worry about the Future. There are many people in the world who are rich and possess many worldly materials but still, they have a fear of the future. Jesus says not to depend on their wealth but to rely on him as he holds the future.

People of other faiths often face poverty in their lives and most of them have the tendency to store their needs for their future. They do not know the one true God and that makes them worry about their future. But the followers of Jesus Christ should not have the same mind as the people who do not know Jesus.

The Bible tells us that God is in control of everything and his children will not have any want. If they seek him in their lives and walk in his righteousness then they will be given all their needs at the right time.

It is true that the nation or any individual person who received Jesus in their lives got many blessings and prospered in every way.