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Love Of God

The Love Of God Has Displayed In Jesus. There are so many people who feel loneliness and ask the question, “Does God really love me?” and if he loves me then why can’t realize it? 

The Bible gives the answer to this question and it also says that God loves us more than others could ever love us. Let us look at the answer from the Bible which demonstrates the love of God for mankind.

God Sent Jesus For Us

God created this earth with a purpose and he had a special purpose for the earth. God did not create it in vain. He created for mankind to be inhabited( Isaiah 45:18). Without Jesus, our destination is in hell but the Lord gave his only son Jesus for us to redeem from hell. When we were sinners, God sent forth his Son to deliver us from the wrath of God. We are to be saved only through Jesus. God manifested his love upon us by Jesus and we got life in him.

The Bible says that the Lord so loved the world that he gave his only son Jesus so that we can inherit eternal life. If we put our faith in Jesus then we will find life. Jesus also says that he came on this earth to give us life. Many will believe him and those who will not believe him will be condemned. 

We cannot become righteous by our own good works. So many people reject Jesus and they think that they can reach heaven by doing good works. None can enter heaven without receiving Jesus. Jesus is the only way by which we can reach the Lord.

The scriptures say that Christ died on the cross in due time for the people who were helpless and sinners in the sight of the Lord. Someone will dare to die for a good man. But God expressed his love for mankind by sending Jesus. 

Through the blood of Jesus, we are justified and we are free from the wrath of God. When we were separated from the Lord due to Adam’s sin, we had no hope to reconcile with the Lord anymore. But the Lord reconciled himself with us by sending Jesus so that we can get a life(Romans 5:6-10).

Once we were dead in sins and we lived a sinful life as we have inherited the sin nature from Adam and Eve. The power of sin has affected our lives and we are doing all the ungodly activities. People are involved in various types of illegal works that are not acceptable in the sight of the Lord.

Before receiving Jesus we all walked in the sins and we had no knowledge of righteousness. 

But Christ gave his life to redeem us from death. We cannot buy our righteousness by ourselves. 

It was a free gift from the Lord. We lived a life that was controlled by the desires of the flesh. We were blind at that time and we thought that we were doing right by our own knowledge.

God made a way to give us life by sending his son Jesus. We should not boast because we do not know about our future and we are unable to change the plan of God. we must look at Jesus so that we can be delivered by his precious blood.

He Called Us His Children

Another passage from the Bible speaks that the Lord has expressed his love upon us and he also called us his children. Once we were his enemies because we were immersed into sin and it separated us from him but he loves us so much that is why he sacrificed himself by sending his son on the cross so that we can become his children.

This is a great privilege for us that we no longer belong to this world but we are the children of the Highest God ( 1 John 3:4).

We cannot measure the love of God by our earthly devices  but when we give our hearts to Jesus only then we can understand his love is unmeasurable.

(Galatians 3:26) speaks that when we receive Jesus and baptize with him then we become his children. We become the sons of God by faith. Abraham believed in the Lord and he witnessed the love of God in his life, and we can also witness God’s love in our lives.

The Love of God Is Greater Far

We can see that God loves us and he also called us his children and as a loving father he cares for us and he wants us to walk in his ways.

To lead us in his commandments, sometimes he trains us and disciplines us. He wants us to obey all of his teachings so that we can understand him very well and we can also improve our spiritual life as well as we can discipline in our behaviors.

(Hebrews 12:6) says that God chastises us so that we can have a disciplined life and God does this whom he loves.

Even receiving Jesus the sinful nature remains active in us and it motivates us and inspires us to commit the sin again and again but the Lord wants us to have a righteous life so he sometimes disciplines us by his guidance.

We do not know anything about this world but God is in control of everything and he also knows what will happen tomorrow that is why sometimes he disciplines us so that we can have a better life on this earth as well as we can get eternal life too.

The Love Of God Never Fails

The Love of God Is Greater Far

God loves us unconditionally and when we decide to surrender ourselves with a grateful heart at that time we will feel his amazing love in our hearts. 

(Romans 3:38-39) say that death, life, fallen angels, worldly power, present things in this world, or any created things cannot separate us from God’s love.

The Bible speaks that God is almighty and he is faithful so we can completely depend upon him to experience his love.

Throughout the old testament, we can see that all the promises the Lord made were fulfilled and we can expect that his promises in the new testament will also be fulfilled if we believe him and walk in his ways.

He will never forsake us and he will never leave us alone on this earth as long as we will be with him. But due to our selfish nature, we often forget him. 

God Will Be With Us Till The End Of This Earth

In (Matthew 28:20) Jesus says that he will be with us till the end of this earth and he will provide us everything according to our needs. If we follow the scripture and meditate upon it then we will get to know more detail about the love of God and it will encourage us to walk in his ways which will give us a new life. 

The more we will read the scripture the more we will understand how Great is Our God and how much he loves us. Until we prepare our hearts to give in his hands and surrender ourselves before him we will not experience the amazing love of God.

Often we say that nobody loves me but we need to think that God has shown his perfect love upon the cross and if we come before him with a lowly heart then we will get it and we will understand that we are not alone on this earth and God loves us and his love is amazing which we cannot purchase from this world.

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