How Do You Know If You Are Chosen By God

You Are Chosen By God

God always calls us to obey him and he desires us to make ourselves his chosen people. There are many benefits that can be seen when one becomes a chosen person to God. The Lord has revealed himself through a particular nation called Israel. 

We see how the Lord chose them and they were experienced a lot of benefits from Him and they were also received many special blessings.

Our first step is to know whether we are chosen by God or not.  To know that we must come closer to him by maintaining holiness in our daily lives. The Bible strictly says that none can see the face of the Lord without holiness (Hebrews12:14)

Another important thing that must be maintained is obedience to God. It will help us to understand that God has chosen us to do something special with us.

While we walk with the Lord by obeying his words and giving our time in prayer and attending the church service, we start to realize the internal works of God in our lives. The Holy Spirit enables us to know that we are chosen by God through several incidents.

What Does It Mean To Be Chosen By God 

God created this beautiful universe with a plan and he is working to bring his people into the final resting place by using faithful people to complete his will. God uses people to fulfill his works for the sake of mankind (Isaiah 45:18)

To make the nation Israel, the Lord had chosen Abraham and again he called Moses to bring His chosen people from the land of Egypt. The Lord kept on choosing people until he came on flesh on this earth. 

Even after he manifested in the body of Jesus, twelve people were chosen to extend the kingdom of God to the entire world. God has been working through man since the beginning and he knows whom to choose and whom to reject.

The Lord chooses someone to use him for a special mission. The person must be glad and happy while he receives such privilege from the Lord. We see that once Saul was working against the Lord and dramatically he was changed while Jesus sort him out and called to bear the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts9).

We notice that ‘Chosen by God’ means becoming part of his work and it should be viewed with the eyes of God. 

To Be Chosen By God Is A Blessing And A Test

Chosen by God does not mean that a person will always enjoy his life and he will have authority over others. The real fact is that God molds the person whom he calls for his work.

God called Abraham and made him deny his family and country so he can concentrate on his mission. He taught him that he must stick to him so he will have the mindset to work for his mission.

Joseph was called by the Lord to prepare the scenery where his people will live under the bondage of Pharaohs. Joseph was to seek God while he was separated from his brothers and father and positioned in the house of the Potiphar and later on he was sent to jail. But the Lord blessed him and used him mightily though he was gone through many trials. 

Even Abraham also had experienced many tests in his life to be worthy to be chosen. The Lord kept him fatherless until he reached his old age and he found that he would die without a son but God blessed him by making him the father of the nation Israel through his son Issac.

Moses also was chosen by the Lord and he suffered in his life due to the calling of God yet he was blessed. God did many miraculous works through him and made him known that God can select anyone whom he finds worthy for his specific works.

Is Everyone Chosen By God

God loves us all and he wants us to follow him so we can get his grace. God loves us very much that he sends his son Jesus (John 3:16).  When we say God’s chosen people it does not imply that he likes only a few but it actually means that he wants to do some special woks with some anointed persons.

God’s redeeming plan is for everyone and he does not want a single person to perish. He loves his people very much which made him sacrifice his own son to bring mankind back into the glorious position where they will live a holy life to have a fellowship with the Lord.

Signs You’ve Been Chosen

Several Signs can be seen clearly when God chooses someone for his work. It is evident in the spiritual realm that people who walk in flesh will not be able to see the invisible works of God in a man’s life. There are certain signs that would be experienced by a person whom God determines to use for his specific plan.

God’s Favor  God favors one whom he selects to use for his plan. It is one of the signs that God has chosen. Luke 2:52 says that Jesus increased in wisdom. Stature in favor with God and men. When God favors us we get the authority of access to perceive his plan by which he reveals to us what he wants to do.

Earlier we may not know the ways by which we can move on but God’s favor navigates to enter into his wisdom and the door which might have been closed before now would be opened.

The divine favor of God in our lives will lead us to perform the works which are not capable with the hands of men.

Joseph found the favor of God in his life and he was successful wherever he went in his life. The life of Esther also reminds us that she also received the favor of God which led her to save the lives of his people from the wicked plan of Haman.

Victory Over Circumstances A person whom God favors faces many challenges in his life. Actually, God prepares him for the battles and difficulties through which he will take him. It does not mean that God’s call will make the person relax his life.

The Lord had chosen Abraham to make him the father of a great nation  Israel and still, he brought many trials and troubles in his life.  From the beginning of his journey till his death, Abraham faced many ups and downs in his life. But God’s mighty hand always protected him and delivered him from all evil things.

He was victorious in his life as the Lord had chosen him. Another example of Daniel also describes how God made him successful in his life even though he had come across severe incidents where he was put to death in the lion’s den.

The Lord will deliver his people and lead over every circumstance and reward him for his obedience.

Divine Anointing God anoint whom he seeks to engage for his special work. He will bless him and made him a unique person in his time. Joseph was nothing with his own abilities and wisdom but God gave him the talent to explain any vision. God gave Samson strength to defeat their enemies.

Many examples are recorded in the Bible where God blessed his people with divine anointment by which they had done many miraculous works. 

The special things can be done with the power of God and it shows that the person is chosen by the Lord.

God’s Presence  Another sign that God has chosen a person is that his presence is with him wherever he goes. This means he will guide him in every aspect of his life. He will be directed by the heavenly instruction and he will always feel the presence of mighty God in his life.

A closer relationship will be built and he will have the same mind of God which will make him focus on the task that God had assigned him to do. The presence of God directly announces that he had been chosen and he must pay heed to God.

Moses encountered God while he was on the mountain and he felt the presence of God through a burning bush. That was the beginning of his journey to walk with God. Finally, he was able to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt with the presence of the Lord.

When God Chooses You

God does not call a lazy person. To be chosen by the Lord one must be active in good works. The people whom God favored were busy in their works and the Lord appointed them for his mission.

It is hard to say at what time God calls someone but the fact is that God knows his time for the purpose he wants to fulfill. The best idea would be to rely on the hands of the Lord to be his instrument.

We cannot judge God if he does not call us for his work. He knows all our abilities and according to his foreknowledge, he chooses us for his special work. Once he chooses Saul and made him disciple to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles.

To be chosen by the Lord we must live a holy life that will be acceptable to the Lord.

Benefits Of Being Chosen By God

Several benefits are there when one is found worthy to be chosen by God. He experiences many differences in his life when he compares it with life without God. Let us see some unique benefits when one gets chosen by God.

  1. He gets the advantage of God’s presence in his life.
  2. God protects him and delivers him from the hands of Satan.
  3. He represents God and works for mankind.
  4. Being chosen by God means receiving special talent to perform.

Things To maintain To Be Chosen By God

A dedicated heart is most important to be chosen by the Lord. God looks at our heart while the people look at our outer appearance. There are some basic points that need to be accomplished to be chosen in the sight of God. Let us see them below.

  1. In Every circumstance of life, God must be put first.
  2. Heart, mind, and soul should be given to him.
  3. His words must be read on a daily basis which has the power to transform.
  4. Holiness and obedience are compulsory to win the heart of the Lord.
  5. Don’t ever compromise God’s word with the world’s teachings.

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