Give God Your Weakness And He Will Give You His Strength

Give God Your Weakness And He Will Give You His Strength

The Lord has redeemed mankind through the blood of Jesus. Now he has opened the way to make fellowship with man. Though man shows his pride, the true fact is that he is weak in every way.

The Bible is the guidebook for man which directs his path to avoid the plan of Satan. The ruler of this world is powerful than man and he has the authority to rule man when he leaves God and walks according to his own understanding.

A man of God should submit himself before the Lord to get the victory in his life ( Proverbs 3:5-6). God knows us deeply and he is always eager to strengthen us while we feel weak in our earthly life.

We need to acknowledge that he is strong and we are weak and believing him we should submit our wills upon him. He will turn our weaknesses into strengths and we will be able to do amazing works by his strength.

Why Does God Give Us Strength

God is our refuge and strength and we must seek him when we are in fear. We may not find comfort and shelter in our times of weakness and fear but we have a big God who is our protector and he can save us from every danger (Psalm 46:1-3).

God knows his people who really love him and walk in his words, so he will be their guard. He is the strong tower to the righteous and they should not worry for their future (Proverbs 18:10).

God knows us very well as he is our creator. In every way, he is able to support us and give us the strength to overcome. As we are weak and he is strong so he is ready to help us (Isaiah 41:10).

The Lord loves us and does not want us to perish in this world. He had made a beautiful plan for us so we may gain strength from him. We are to rely on his strength and power even when we feel totally hopeless.

How Does God Display His Strength When We Are Feeling Weak Or Anxious

God displays his strength in various ways while we are in need of him. He is God and nothing is possible with him. Sometimes he can send an angel who can comfort us in our distress. 

Mary was perplexed while she was conceived by the Holy Spirit but the Lord strengthen her by sending the angel who made her strong in her time of distress. After encountering the angel from the Lord she got the courage to face any situation.

The Lord delivered Abraham many times while he was feeling weak. Abraham was comforted by the soothing words of God. Once he was too much worried about his wealth as he had none to whom he can give his wealth. But the Lord promised him to give a son named Isaac and it happened while Issac was born.

God uses many methods by which he reaches his people and strengthens them and removes their worries. 

I Will Be Your Strength

We cannot experience God’s goodness until we rely on him. Faith is important to have the presence of God in our lives. Our faith in God makes us trust him in our weaknesses. God is a loving father and he is still a jealous God. 

If we seek to get strength from others he hates that very much.  God promised that he will be our savior and give us strength when we are in a dire situation. We will know his strength when we face a difficult time. 

Moses experienced God’s strength as he was leading the nation Israel. He came to know that God really cares for us and he is worthy to be believed. He is our strength and we should seek him daily so we can build an intimate relationship with him.

The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength

The children of Israel felt their evil works while they were brought back to the land of Israel from exile. Ezra was reading the law book and they found their guilts and instead of scolding they were asked to celebrate that day as God had delivered them from their punishment (Nehemiah 8:10).

God does not punish his people without a reason. They realized that they did evil before the Lord which caused them to be separated from the Lord.

The Lord wants to lead us in a way where he likes to be our head and we need to be content in his ways. Our obedience to his words and laws please him. We should be joyful in the deeds of God and it will provide us the inner strength to overcome this world.

Let The Weak Say I Am Strong  

In God, we get the strength that makes us move mountains. We are weak by birth but the Lord gives us power and we can boldly say I’m powerful enough to fight the spiritual battle.

We get the privilege to access God’s power and he makes us different by enabling us to defeat our spiritual enemies.  As long as we walk with God and keep His laws in our hearts, we appear as a strong mighty man who does not need to care for others.

Our weaknesses can be removed by the presence of God and we will be experiencing his strength in us (Joel 3:10)

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