Meaning Ecclesiastes 12:13 -Fear God and keep His commandments

Fear God and keep His commandments

Solomon was a renowned king over Israel. He was famous due to the wisdom that he received from the Lord. once he found himself unworthy to be a king of Israel, but the Lord asked him that whatever he will ask from him, will be given.

Solomon was wise so he did not ask for wealth but he sought wisdom from the Lord to reign over Israel. The Lord was satisfied with his prayer and he gave him wisdom.

He was a successful king of Israel and in his time Israel reached the peak in every aspect. King Solomon was well known in his surrounding nations because of his outstanding wisdom that he gained from the Lord.

Being a king, he lived a luxurious life and he understood that it has no value in the sight of the Lord. He experienced that man’s earthly life is just for a few years which will pass very quickly. He realized God’s presence in our life is the most important part that has the greatest significance.

Solomon urged everyone to fear the Lord first and to walk in his guidelines to get the life as it is the main job of a man.

Why Should We Fear God  And Obey His Commandments?

As we have chosen the Lord to live with him in the days to come, we need to prepare ourselves as long as we will be here. Once we miss the golden opportunity that the Lord has given us, will never get back.

Solomon was a very simple person in the beginning but as the days went on he searched for things to satisfy his flesh and soul with the things of this fallen world. He confessed that he got everything that his heart longed for. 

He took himself in all the pleasures that his heart sought for but at last, he experienced that everything is vain. The reason he ran after them was to satisfy his soul but they failed to give him the joy which he was looking for.

Finally, he returned to the Lord and found peace and happiness. He consoled his soul by coming back to the Lord with a fearful heart. 

The word of God warns us not to love the world or the things of it, because if we love them, then we will forsake the Lord and run after them. But at last, we will lose our soul which cannot be purchased with this earthly wealth.

To have a joyful life, we need to surrender ourselves in the hands of God. to come before him, we must fear him first. The scripture says that  ‘the fearing of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom’. To understand the will of God we have to fear him. 

Fearing something means remembering the consequences of violating the laws. Our life will be fruitful and happy only if we fear God and walk in his commandments.

Fearing the Lord and walking in his ways is the duty of all men. If we only live for food, cloth and shelter then what would be the difference with animals. Animals live for their stomach only. But we are not like other creatures. We are created by the image of living God so we must fear him to satisfy him by living a godly life.

Other creatures were created with the command of God and they appeared on the earth. But we are alive because the spirit of God dwells in us. So, we must bring glory to our creator by putting aside our fleshly desires.

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