How To Deal With Anger God’s Way According To The Bible

Deal With Anger God’s Way

Anger is an internal emotion that comes out when someone cannot remain calm any longer. Sometimes we get disturbed while we feel uneasy with some unexpected incidents that make us angry.

The Bible does not say that anger or being angry is a sin. But it says violating God’s standard due to anger is sin. When someone gets angry he can lose his control and his anger leads him to do evil works. That’s how one can commit sin by the influence of his wrath.

If we do not control our wrath then we might face more trouble in our life. The word of God tells us to get angry at some point in life but at the same time, it also teaches us how to deal with it.

Let us learn how to behave with other people when we are angry, how to handle a person who is short-tempered, and the benefits of controlling our anger.

How To Get Angry Without Committing A Sin

The Bible does not instruct us to get angry but it says how to get angry and when to calm. We are created by the image of God so we have the nature of anger. 

It is important to show our anger when someone does not accomplish their task that was given to him. If we do not scold him then he will repeat his mistake and he will show his indifference. 

All the great people of God also showed their anger but they did not commit sin. Getting angry is not a sin but doing some action that violates the instructions of God causes sin.

We need to control our emotions even when we are angry. We must not commit a sin being excited by short-tempered. Many people keep that anger in their hearts for a long period of time but the scripture says that we should give up the wrath before the sun sets (Ephesians 4:26).

Things That Should Be Avoided When We Are Angry

The Bible is given to us so that we can get wisdom out of it. We need to obtain the knowledge that has been given to us by the lord for our righteousness. 

If we live according to our fleshly desires then we will lose our salvation that was received free of cost from Lord Jesus Christ.

The word of God is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of our hearts. We must fill ourselves with the word of God to overcome any unexpected incident.

Sometimes we fail to control our short temper and we express our anger towards others. But we need to remember that the Lord will judge us according to our works and words.

Being emotional if we scold somebody bitterly and use evil words then we can be separated from the Lord. 

We should not show anger to others the way people of this world do. We are to be different from them even when we are angry. 

We should quit malice and bitterness from our hearts to prove that we are born again believers( Ephesians 4:31).

How To Control The Emotion When We Are Angry At Someone

We can be angry at some point in our life but we should not lead our life according to our wrath that arises in our heart.

We should not rest the wrath in our hearts for such a long time which can cause many troubles in our life.

If we keep the wrath in our hearts then we will not be able to sleep or work peacefully. It will distract our concentration throughout the day.

We need to look at ourselves and judge our works then we will find that we are not innocent too. 

We also make mistakes and we deserve punishment.  If we evaluate our works then we will have the knowledge of our mistakes. 

But the Lord is so gracious that even when we were sinners he gave his life for our deliverance from the wrath of God.

Jesus commanded us to love one another and if we do not have love in our midst then we do not belong to him. We should forgive one another as Jesus forgave our sins(Ephesians 4:32).

How To Handle The Situation When Someone Is Angry At Us

When people get angry at us, we need to scrutinize our mistakes. We are human beings and we are not perfect. We make mistakes and sometimes we forget what we have asked to do.

By nature we are prone to make mistakes which can lead us to fall into trouble.

The Bible says that we must observe our works by which we will understand our mistakes and it will help us to become perfect day by day in our appointed works.

Many of us often backbite others instead they can look into  their weaknesses

We did not come here by learning everything but we have to learn from others so that we can do our assigned work perfectly according to the instructions of our higher authority.

When we find our mistakes in our works at that time we must not argue with others.  Being humble we need to accept our faults and listen to others what they speak. 

Our tongue is a little member of our body but it can spoil everything. So, we need to control it. When  we find our faults at that time we should talk slow  so that people before us will not be angry at us( James 1:19)

How To Behave With An Angry Person

People who do not have an intimate relationship with the Lord have many faults. We should be very careful about their contacts. As they have not repented their sins so they are still under the power of sin.

We can encourage them to receive Jesus in their lives but if they neglect then we must draw ourselves back from them.

Instead of directly mingling with them we can pray for them so that God can help such people to get rid of their anger.

The book of Proverbs guides us not to walk along  with such short tempered people and to keep any relation with them. If we ignore the word of God then we have to pay the cost by falling ourselves in the trouble(Proverbs 22:24-25)

The Benefits  Of Controlling  Our Anger

Jesus will judge us and he will reward us for every single word that we are doing on this earth. The letters of Paul encourage us to live a righteous christian life to reach our permanent dwelling place.

We should prepare our hearts to forgive others and if we do so then we will receive the answer of our prayers from the Lord.  Jesus says that we must forgive others before we ask anything to God in prayer. If we hold the anger in us and seek forgiveness  then we will get nothing.

The Lord wants us to have a gentle heart that must be full of grace and love for others. We will be called the children of God if we obey all the instructions of the Lord.

A man of God should not get angry easily. He must be slow to express his wrath before the people. By forgiving the mistakes of others  he will be able to protect his soul to commit a sin(Proverbs 19:11).

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