Bible Verse Meaning of John – 8:12 I Am The Light Of The World

Bible Verse Meaning of John - 8:12

I Am The Light Of The World

Jesus presented himself as the light of the world. He came to give the light to the fallen man who was once lost due to his transgression in the garden of Eden. In today’s time, many are seeking the light for their life to kindle, and Jesus has already announced that he alone is the light of this world.

We cannot know God and all the heavenly things without Jesus. Jesus shows us the way to God and eternal life. We cannot approach God with our sins so Jesus became the mediator between man and God.

Jesus brought hope to mankind. Before him, mankind was purged into sin and was separated from the Lord. He removed the gap by dedicating his life to the cross. He made a new covenant with the fallen mankind to come before the Lord by accepting him as their savior.

Jesus established the kingdom of God in our hearts by his teachings. He proved that we can inherit the kingdom by obeying his teachings which shows us the light to enter into the new era. We are unable to meet God if we do not receive Jesus as our light of eternal hope.

He Who Follows Me

When Jesus was on the earth many people used to follow him. Most of them came to him to witness his miracles and some came to listen to his words which made them love him.

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus had only twelve disciples. Later on, his followers increased but most of them left him at the time of his death. Even his disciples also were scattered and they met Jesus again after his resurrection.

It is not easy to follow Jesus because he has some demands. Jesus asks us to deny ourselves when we decide to follow him. If we follow him and think of our personal gain then we will fail very soon.

Peter once asked Jesus what they would get as they had followed him leaving their homes and works. Jesus replied to them that they will be rewarded for what they lost and will receive eternal life. This directly means that everyone who follows Jesus will be rewarded and get the never-ending life as Jesus promised to give his followers.

Shall Not Walk In Darkness

Jesus was God in flesh and he came to bless mankind. He requires us to follow and obey all of his teachings so we can be blessed and receive the wisdom that leads us to heaven.

We cannot know what lies after our death, but seeing the life and resurrection of Jesus we can have a hope that we will be resurrected. We need faith to understand the promise of Jesus that he committed to us.

Jesus helps us to become a new creation and thus we get the new life that works according to the will of God. One cannot know how to live and what to do in his life if he fails to recognize Jesus as his God.

Jesus makes us righteous and keeps us away from committing sins. This new life we gain when we accept Jesus. We no longer walk in sin anymore and we bring glory to God by our righteous deeds.

Jesus also says that he came for the sick and they need a doctor. Here, he claims that he treats people from the inside out so they can leave their sinful acts to become a born-again believers who will inherit the kingdom of God.

But Have The Light Of Life

Jesus is the second Adam and brought life for us. The first Adam brought sin into the world and this world was cursed as well. Now we are living in a world that has already received God’s curse and we cannot live here peacefully.

We find chaos everywhere and nothing can comfort us. We need the light of Jesus Christ to walk in the path of righteousness. Jesus teaches us what is right and what is wrong in the sight of God.

The Bible tells us that in Jesus we have the hope of eternal life. And all the disciples came to know that Jesus was God in the flesh while he met them after his resurrection. All of them left him the moment he was being caught, but his resurrection made them united together and allowed them to preach the gospel into the world.  

Walking with Jesus makes us eligible to enter into God’s kingdom. As God is holy so our life changes when we desire to give up all our filthiness and return to God’s standard.