Bible Verse Meaning Of John 10:9 – I Am The Door If Anyone Enters By Me

bible verse meaning Of John 10:9

I Am The Door

The door helps us enter the house. Here, Jesus offered Himself as the door of heaven. He claimed himself the son of a living God. Jesus is the first person who came from heaven and he knows every detail of heaven where God dwells.

The scripture says God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and none can see him. Jesus reveals God in him and the Jews leaders did not believe him and as a result, they failed to recognize their promised messiah.

God’s salvation plan was in his mind since the creation of this world. He fulfilled it by sending Jesus on earth. The birth, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus were foretold long years ago in the Old Testament.

When the fullness of the time came, Jesus arrived in human flesh and gave his life to redeem mankind to restore their previous position. Jesus took the entire sin of man upon his shoulder and gave his life on the cross so man can wash his sins with his precious blood. Thus Jesus became the door to every human being to enter God’s kingdom. 

If Anyone Enters By Me

Since the very beginning of this universe, God has given us the freedom of choice. He never interferes in our personal decisions. Man has the option to choose where he likes to stay with God or with the sin, it is his own choice.

There are two ways before man, one is broad and another one is narrow. Many people have chosen the broad way which leads them towards destruction. But very few people follow the narrow road. Jesus says that this narrow road leads man towards eternal life. 

It is true that many people know about Jesus but only a few are following him. Jesus gave his life for the sake of man’s redemption and made the way to heaven. And now he is asking everyone to follow him to get the life which can be found in him.

Jesus did not force anybody to follow him. Man has complete authority to lead his life in this world but he has no power to control his life after his death. Jesus revealed the events that would take place after man’s death. Now he is offering man to select him as their savior to set him free from the upcoming wrath of God. 

He Will Be Saved

Often we read God loves us very much and he cares for us. We only focus on his grace, love, kindness and forget that he is fierce also. God has given man a limited period of time where he can enjoy his life by following his own heart. But he must remember that he will be judged by his works.

The bible also made it clear that everyone is a sinner and there is none who can claim himself righteous before the Lord. Everyone deserves death because of sin which leads to hell for the permanent suffering place.

Man’s destination was hell but Jesus died on the cross and made a way to get rid of that. Thus he asks people to turn from their sins in order to be saved from the dire consequences of sins.

As God is holy so he demands holiness from his people. Man cannot become holy by his own righteous works. He needs the blood of Jesus to wash away his sins. A person becomes holy when he confesses his sins before the Lord and becomes a born-again believer. In this manner, one can be saved from eternal death by following Jesus in his life.  

And Find Pasture

A sinner finds the worth of his life when he decides to turn from sins and receives Jesus as his personal savior. Really it works when a man receives Jesus, he understands a huge difference in his life. People cannot know the sweetness of Jesus without obeying him. 

Jesus says he came here to give us real life. Man has lost his glorious position since he was thrown out of the Eden garden. Man is trying to keep himself happy with this worldly material. But he fails to satisfy his desires by his own efforts.

Jesus is the only way to get all the happiness of man’s life. He can restore broken hearts, and it is possible to do any kind of miracle that is impossible for man.

When we welcome Jesus into our lives, we can feel the changes. He gives us all that we need. Apart from this he also gives us eternal life for which he sacrificed himself.

We cannot know the real meaning of our lives without the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus makes our lives meaningful and we can be assured by obeying his teachings in our lives.