Bible Characters Who Stood Strong In Trouble

Bible Characters Who Stood Strong In Trouble

The Bible is the holy book containing many incidents that occurred in the past but they have tremendous importance in today’s time. All the words in the Bible are given by the inspiration of God. The Bible is a guidebook that guides its reader to walk in righteousness in order to obtain eternal life

There are some people whose lives and works are recorded in the Bible due to their faithfulness towards the Lord even when they had gone through many trials. We must know them in order to change our motive towards the trouble that we face.

To overcome such critical circumstances we need to be familiar with the men of God who have experienced the same in their lives. Let us know those who encountered their difficulties and stood firm in times of trouble.


The name Noah is prominent in the Bible as he endured in his days and kept himself separate from evil people. He was the son of Lamech (Genesis 5:29)

The earth was filled with corrupt people at the time when Noah was born. As a punishment, the Lord desired to destroy the earth with all the man.

God created man with a special purpose to make fellowship with him. All the people in the time of Noah left God and lived a very sinful life. Only Noah and his family lived a righteous life in those days. Though the Lord prepared himself to destroy the earth because of Noah and his family, the Lord changed his mind.

Noah was commissioned to make an ark by which his family would be saved from the flood that God desired to bring upon the surface of the earth. Noah believed in God and started to make the ark according to the instructions that the Lord gave him. 

It was quite hard for him, as he had no knowledge concerning the flood, yet he trusted God. People made fun of him while they saw him making the ark. Noah paid heed to what God told him to do. As a result of that his whole family was saved along with the birds and animals that he took in the ark. 


Every Christian should have sufficient knowledge about Abraham. Abraham was one of the most important figures in the Bible. He was a wealthy man in his hometown Ur.  

God called him to leave all his kindred and birthplace in order to take him, somewhere else where he had no knowledge before. He just believed the Lord and started his journey to the place where the Lord led him.

Abraham had gone many ups and downs throughout his life and finally, he was blessed by the Lord. He had never given up the hope that he built on the Lord. 

There was a certain time in his life when he was blessed with many things but he had no son. And Abraham and his wife Sarah were old enough to give birth to a son. As a result of faith and patience in God Abraham was blessed by Isaac even when he was old enough.

Another significant incident that Abraham encountered in his life was the dedication of his son to the Lord. He loved his son Isaac most but when the Lord asked him to sacrifice, he agreed to slay his own son. God tested his faith and blessed him with the father of many nations.


Joseph was the youngest son of Jacob and he was sold by his brothers as his father loved him most. When he was in the house of the Potiphar, he faced a great temptation where the wife of the Potiphar seduced him to have a physical relationship with him.  

As Joseph feared God so he kept himself away from such sinful acts, but the lady was ferocious and she brought a false accusation on Joseph saying he tried to rape her.

The Potiphar immediately sent Joseph behind the bar. Joseph was innocent but he had to spend his life in jail. It was definitely a hard time for him. He did not blame anyone and put his hope in God and at last, he was able to come out of jail.

Later in his life, God honored him due to his faithfulness and he became the governor of Egypt and saved his brothers and father from the famine. 


Moses was a Jew who was brought up in the house of the Egyptian Pharaoh. When the children of Israel were in Egypt for four hundred years, God called Moses to lead them out from their bondage.

In the beginning, he found it impossible to obey the Lord but God assisted him in his leadership role. He had gone through many troubles in leading them out from the hand of Pharaoh. Even after the deliverance, Moses had to face his own people as they often aroused against him. 

Even at some point in his life,  Moses became so tired of obeying the will of God and committed a sin by hitting the stick on the stone that the Lord forbade him.


Esther was an orphan who was raised by Mordecai and  Became the queen of King Ahasuerus in the land of Persia. Her journey to become the queen was not smooth. By birth, she was a Jew so she had to hide her identity before the king.  

In the course of time a wicked official of the king, Haman made up a plot to kill all the Jews who dwelt in the land of Persia. Mordecai requested Esther to stand before the king on behalf of Jews to save their lives from the king’s decree that was published throughout Persia.

Esther entered the king’s inner court with the courage to plea for her people. It was illegal to meet the king without his permission, so Esther risked her life in order to save her people. 

Finally, she was able to save the Jews from the plot of Haman. Her act of risking her own life is remarkable which brought hope in the lives of Jews.


Mordecai was a Jew who dwelt in the land of Persia during the reign of King Ahasuerus.  He worked there as a king’s gateman. Once the king ordered everyone to pay homage to Haman who was an official of the king. 

Mordecai did not bow down before Haman as it was an act against the law of his God. So, Haman tried to annihilate Mordecai along with all the Jews who lived there.

Haman led the king to issue a decree to slay all the Jews from the land. When Mordecai got the news of that decree, putting his life in danger, he tore his clothes and wore sackcloths and lamented in the midst of the city. Because if the king might know that he would be put to death.

But his lamentation worked another way and eventually he was able to protect his people from the wicked plan of Haman.


A man who preached the gospel even when he was in jail after encountering Jesus on the way to Damascus. In those days he traveled a  lot from one place to another to serve God. 

So many times he was beaten, persecuted, and sent to jail for preaching the gospel. But he never gave up sharing the gospel as he understood the importance of it. 

He was determined in his work to share the gospel with the world. He had a burden to bring people in the light of Christ so everyone can be saved from the wrath of God.


David was one of the kings in  Israel. He was called to the palace of the king while he defeated Goliath who frightened Israel. He had struggled through his life in order to obey the Lord. 

Though he had done many sins in the eyes of God, still he loved God in such a way that he was called a man after God’s own heart.

In his sorrows and happiness, he always put God first and as a result of his faithfulness, he gained favor in the sight of God.


Daniel was carried captive into Babylon while King Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem. Daniel and his three friends were ordered to take the food that was given according to the king’s order. But they refused to take it as it was not worthy for them to consume. 

Daniel and his friends were also threatened with death while they were not able to interpret the king’s dream. But Daniel prayed to the Lord and sought help from him. God answered his prayer and he received the gift of interpreting any dreams. Thus he was saved by the hand of the king along with his friends. 

Another significant moment that occurred in Daniel’s life was once he was thrown in the den of a lion, but God saved him again by sending an angel who did not allow the lion to open their mouth. 

Thus, Daniel had gone through many tough times in his life but every time he sought God’s help and he was redeemed too by the mighty hand of God.


Job was a rich man in his time but he experienced many tough times and lost his wealth along with his children while he was put to test his faith. Satan tried to separate him from the Lord so he attacked him by taking his sons and daughters while they were in a party, suddenly the walls fell upon them and they were killed. 

All of his cattle were taken by the hands of Satan, still, Job walked with God. At last, Satan brought skin disease on him and his wife urged him to curse the Lord and die. But Job had hoped in the Lord and replied to his wife to wait upon the Lord to be healed.

Job’s three friends also accused him of his sickness but he remained faithful towards God until he was fully recovered from his sickness. 

Job was rewarded by the Lord as he endured the trouble that he faced in his life.